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"It's the economy, stupid."

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Why the Left Remains So Obsessed With X

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Thanksgiving is Awesome

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The Ideology Behind Today's Antisemitism

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No Pandemic Amnesty

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Tanya Chutkan's Gag Order on Trump

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The Ballad of the White Working Class

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The Real Misinformation Merchants

So, About That Border Wall

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The Left is Flunking the Moral Test

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Biden is in Trouble

"No one is above the law."

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We Haven't Reached Peak Climate Alarmism

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The Senate: Where Standards Go to Die

Revisiting Andrew Cuomo's Ouster

The Rise of Woke Entryists

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La Invitación

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The Left's War on Language

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The Mask Fanatics Are Making a Comeback

The Addict in All of Us

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The Crisis of Mistrust in American Institutions Was Entirely of Their Own Making

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Primum Non Nocere Part 2

The Latest Trump Indictment is the Most Egregious Yet Part 1

32 Ideas for 32 Years

The Facebook Files

The New York Times Admits Covid Numbers Were Inflated

The Truth About the Book "Ban" Controversies

The Biggest Corruption Scandal in American History?

University of Wyoming Sorority Demands that Members Accept a Man

Ukraine Should Not Be Allowed to Join NATO

The Great Statucide

Why Progressives Can't Accept Progress

The Left's War on the Supreme Court

No More State-Sanctioned Discrimination

Don't Worry, LGBTQ Ideologues Were Always Coming for Your Children

The Racism Paradox

The Erasure of Women

Thoughts on the Hunter Biden Plea Deal

What Patriarchy?

Another Rubicon Has Been Crossed

Kamala Harris is the Reason Biden is Running Again

Reflecting on Trump's Rise

Sarah Comrie Deserves Her Good Name Back

"Ackshually, that's racist."

The Bud Light Brew-haha is the Latest Example of a Company "Gone Woke"

How the Mainstream Media Commodified Polarization

Wired's Pete Buttigieg Hagiography

The Durham Report

Pandemic School Closures Were Political

Jordan Neely Wasn't Murdered

Thinking vs. Feeling, Truth vs. Hurt Feelings

The Oppression Olympics

Twitter Files Parts XX and XXI Unrolled

Gender Ideology is Toxic Nonsense

I went to the meeting...

Against the "Tennessee Three"

Yes, We Should Ban TikTok

In Bitter Safety I Awake

Banana Republic

"Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?"

Often Wrong, Never in Doubt

Say No to Pronouns

The Twitter Files Part XIX Unrolled

How White Liberals Are Driving Wokeness

Lockdowns Never Should Have Happened

The Twitter Files: Taibbi's Statement to Congress Unrolled

Newly-released Emails Show Fauci Commissioned the 2020 Study Used to Disprove the Lab Leak Theory

Universities Have Turned Into Illiberal Social Justice Factories

The Twitter Files Part XVII Unrolled

Covid Came From the Wuhan Institute of Virology

How Trump Both Saved and Changed the Mainstream Media

The Rewriting of Roald Dahl

The Twitter Files Part XVI Unrolled

The Digital Big Bang

The Fetishizing of Masks

Battle Creek

Everything is White Supremacy Now

Press Against the Tide at Dusk

The Andrea Riseborough Race Storm

Cancel Culture and the Renormalization of Society

The Twitter Files Part XV Unrolled

Survey: 0% of Black Georgia Voters Had a Poor Voting Experience

Big Disinfo

You don't like to dance, but you do it anyway.

The Twitter Files Part XV Unrolled

The Double Standard in Biden's Classified Documents Drama

Follow the Science™

The Twitter Files Part XIV Unrolled

New Study Confirms Russian Twitter Bots Did Nothing to Influence the 2016 Election

For months, you manage not to spend every last dollar on heroin.

Wokeness Is Out of Control

The Twitter Files Parts XI and XII Unrolled