What is Euphoric Recall?

Euphoric Recall: Remembering past experiences in a positive light, while overlooking negative experiences associated with those events.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve either stumbled upon this here national treasure of a newsletter by chance, or you’re just a guileless soul tricked by intrigue into giving this random dude’s Substack a quick perusal and perhaps even a shot. Either way, I really do hope you stick around.

Euphoric Recall — It's expansive and not limited to any one subject, but generally speaking it's my attempt to understand an American culture I feel deeply alienated from, and in so doing, I hope to keep you, the reader, abreast of what’s going on in an incredibly fast-paced, digitally-saturated world premised upon the ruthless monetization of your attention.

More often than not, Euphoric Recall will feature something I believe you should know about—information/knowledge with value.

Cultural critiques and criticism, travelogues, book and movie reviews, longform stories I've collected, occasional fiction, personal memories and experiences, “news,” opinion pieces, photos, etc.

And humor. I think humor’s super important even in the best of times, and it's not as if the past couple years have been a frolic in the psychic glade.

Who Are You?

Please inquire within. (Also, there's a brief bio bit below, but the short answer is nobody special.)

What I do want to emphasize, however, is that I'm not a Democrat or a Republican, a liberal or a conservative. I’m an American.

I realize that sounds corny as all heck, but it's true. I genuinely want what's best for the country, whatever that might be, and I understand that we might markedly differ in opinion.

I also don't care which tribe you belong to or where you fall on the ideological spectrum or what color skin you have, or anything like that. I respect everyone until given a reason not to. We're on the same team, and I'm committed to civility, respect, and honest conversation.

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About Me:

Sparkling conversationalist and well-mannered eater with a peculiar affection for cat shirts. I wrote a novel about the opioid epidemic based on a true story called Because of Jenny.

I graduated from West Point in 2014 and served in the Army as an Infantry officer. I currently reside in downtown Los Angeles, where I enjoy people watching, being critter-friendly, and saying hello to dogs.

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Sparkling conversationalist and well-mannered eater with a peculiar affection for cat shirts. Also a writer.