I think it's hard to argue we're not at a similar spot as where Hannah Arendt begins her "Origins of Totalitarianism":

"The members of the elite did not object at all to paying a price, the destruction of civilization, for the fun of seeing how those who had been excluded unjustly in the past forced their way into it."

And I mention this because, while I am just as repulsed by our spoiled American Red Guard as anyone, these are still young people, and while that doesn't absolve them from blame, the ultimate responsibility lies with the adults who have failed them.

It would be so simple and easy to restore sanity and comity to American academia and discourse: if all the adult children who screeched obscenities at that judge had been immediately expelled, if those entitled infants who howled their rage into the face of Nick Christakis a few years ago at Yale had been immediately expelled etc etc, all these state-sanctioned tantrums would have been put to an end.

When we look back someday at how a peaceful prosperous country boiled over with hatred, when education was replaced by indoctrination, when a giant lie called "Critical Theory" became the official belief system of our elite class, an enormous amount of blame lies with our academic administrative class.

College trustees, presidents, boards, deans, profs, etc have failed their students, failed their country, and most especially have failed their beloved Liberalism by allowing it to be swallowed by intolerant Leftism without even a single peep of protest. They traded all their professed principles to maintain status, careers and money, and now all they can do is smile impotently from the sidelines, issue cringing apologies in the hopes that the mob burns them last, and count the days till they can escape on golden parachutes.

The abdication of adult authority is often how societies begin to unravel.

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No one will convince me that the Trump years weren't very instrumental in instituting a mindset that allowed for no difference of opinion. The students come across as extremely autocratic, rude, an offensive lot, and by no means liberal, quite the opposite. Clinton and the democrats in complicity with a highly biased media, as well as too many on the left, pushed the lie of Russia-gate, whose purpose was to remove an elected president,  yet no one has been held accountable for this crime. TV characters and movie stars were allowed to  advocate violence against Trump. Well, you have taught these kids anything goes. Yes people acted out before, but never has it been condoned the way it is now. Marches in the streets during a pandemic for Black Lives Matter, and infiltrated by too many who acted out in violent, destructive ways, and allowed to do so repeatedly with little to no consequences which went on for an extended period of time in democrat run cities.  Even violent acting out was not challenged, but condoned, or excused, or understood. Maybe the democrats can hide their adopted autocratic ways behind the facade of this BS. Bull shit that called a riot an insurrection, and allowed them to claim it was worse then our civil war where some 700 hundred thousand died, and where a country was so dangerously divided. What bothers me the most is Trump wanted to get along with Russia, but the democrats, the media wouldn't let him, oh but if they did the threat of a nuclear war would not be hanging over us now. One might think I am a registered republican, but no I was a registered democrat all my life, but now an independent with not a thought to ever voting for a democrat again.

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"What an odd place to publish the op-ed. It would’ve fit perfectly in the New York Times or Washington Post as the bullshit du jour."

I read her piece and scanned through many of the thousand + comments. Almost all comments called her out on her bullshit and/or said she should be fired. She reminds me a lot (including her girth and her sneering tone) of the DEI woman (formerly) at Oberlin that attacked the Gibson's store and, ultimately, cost Oberlin $40M. I also agree with Shapiro on this. Most of these crybullies, as you call them, will never be effective trial lawyers, but that would be beneath them in any event.

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Tirien's sing-songy infantile tone is maybe the most infuriating thing about the video, she is completely intolerable and I'm really surprised Judge Duncan was able to sit there for her full remarks, I would absolutely have left half way through

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Bravo and thank you !! Remember -- Stanford administrative terror led to suicide of a wonderful and beloved-by-all goalie of women soccer team.

The ratio of administrative surveillance to students is close to 1:1.

Stanford University is now fully dominated by Censorship Industrial Complex and has myriad censorship operators and entities.

IMPORTANT -- just look whom SBF (Samuel Bankman-Fried) and his parents (both full-time Stanford Law School professors – father also a full-time employee of criminal FTX and Alameda $40B swindle and mother - financing arm of Dem. party) – whom they financed by hundreds of millions of dollars.

See the list of 30+ organizations that have major FTX "investments": The SBF Scandal: The Players and the Money – far more extensive and – truly alarming “Covid pandemic activities” https://brownstone.org/articles/sbf-scandal-players-money/

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Steinbach has a professional interest in strengthening the position of DEI functionaries everywhere which makes her behavior unsurprising. If her ideology is an all-explaining system then she CAN'T acknowledge limits to its application and she can't back down. I don't agree with that, I don't respect it, but I understand it.

The behavior of the students is much more concerning. These are people that will be in leadership roles in significant organizations in what, a decade? Does anyone believe that they'll temper as they age? So far the only thing they've learned is how to escalate.

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Steinbach should be fired and never allowed near another university. All the students should be expelled and never allowed anywhere near the practice of the law. And companies and law firms should refuse to recruit on any college campus that refuses to uphold the universal right to free speech. None of this will happen and until it does, until there are severe consequences for this intolerant behavior, things will never begin to turn in the other direction. I am sad to say at this point, the academy has been hopelessly lost. And the rest of society is probably not too far behind.

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"Let’s just pause here a moment and reflect on the fact that these are our future 'officers of the court,' politicians, and gatekeepers..."

Casts a whole new light on the possibility of colonizing Mars.

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"authentic free speech" says it all.

"Free speech" tolerates no modifiers. It is either free speech or it is not.

A number of terms tolerate no modifiers. They include justice, equality, fairness and others. Fairness is probably first among them, since it means treating everyone the same.

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Once famous Stanford University is now FBI subsidiary -- the entire administration should be replaced ASAP

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Thank you !!

IMPORTANT -- Decisive proof that J6 riot was FBI-DNC choreographed – Ray Epps now defended by Democrat machine and key Dem and FBI lawyers

March 31, 2023 -- https://www.revolver.news/2023/03/desperate-ray-epps-enlists-notorious-dem-clinton-operatives-to-threaten-tucker-and-revolver-news-for-j6-reporting/

April 6, 2023 -- https://rumble.com/v2gm06s-equal-justice-is-dead-live-with-revolver-news-founder-darren-beattie-trigge.html

Seeing now everything about US “Empire of Lies”, including thanks to courageous Elon Musk and Twitter Files, it is beyond doubt that 2020 and 2022 elections were stolen..

US State press is paid to lie and must lick asses of their advertisers/controllers -- US arms industry and US fascist bipartisan War party.

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A MUST see/hear – An OUTSTANDING conversation (although War party’s “unprovoked” Ukraine horror was not discussed – although the same odious players and same immense monstrous censorship net)

#1963 – Michael Shellenberger – The Joe Rogan Experience


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People change. It's hard to watch the video of heckling students and imagine many of them will become lawyers worthy of the name but people change. I reckon most of the student's parents are still glad they didn't use a condom.

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Thank you, Brad.

I also have two questions on a different subject if I may -- about daily Tucker Carlson 40-minute show – many thanks to anybody who can help me. I have a subscription to Fox but don’t watch TV, I use Fox News phone application. Moreover – I watch ONLY Tucker; I can’t stand the odious war-mongering RINO grifter, Hannity, for example.

1. Although Tucker Tonight airs at 6PM I can watch iy on phone only at about 4AM next day. Is there a way to see it earlier?

2. Many of his shows are outstanding – with high integrity, thoughtful, timely, “must view” jewels. But – I don’t know how to capture and store them AND how to obtain their transcripts (if they even exist).

Once again, million thanks in advance if anybody can assist me.

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