"In other words, the ultimate goal is not to answer a user’s question, but the question Google believes should have been asked." That's the crux of the problem. It allows any and all sorts of mischief, because algorithms are created by fallible people, not delivered by some infallible higher power.

In using search engines, Google or not, the first problem is knowing how to form a proper query. That is a skill few people have. I laugh every time someone demands I give them a link. As I refine my query (the first one is often too broad) I finally bring the number of answers down to fewer than ten million. Even then, any information that is not unabashed PR for the Democratic Party is located on page 27 and later.

Few people have the patience to go through 27 or 107 pages of articles seeking out the dots to connect. It's why the reason for the 2008 crash is so hard to find. Yes, it was George W. Bush's fault, but not for the reasons portrayed. He used the Community Reinvestment Act to try and boost minority home ownership. The way in which it was executed was a catastrophe. Once the truth is elicited the primary villain emerges: Dr. Franklin Raines, Chairman of Fannie Mae.

Its accounting would have been more honest if they'd used Enron's folks. Every quarter, like clockwork, the numbers equated to the mill what was needed to trigger bonuses for the senior staff. He was punished by being named Obama's chief financial advisor for the 2008 campaign.

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Jan 4, 2023Liked by Brad

Compelling writing!

I may be one of the Deplorables, but my question is: Even if we like the progressive agenda, how do we prevent the kind of abuse you document?

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