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Twitter also played a huge role in our Cultural Revolution by being a major ideological-enforcement mechanism aka a lynch mob in every pocket.

How many moronic infernos have been launched and nurtured in the past decade because they were "trending on Twitter"? Would we have even known about things like the Covington Kids, Kyle Rittenhouse or the Central Park Karen sans Twitter? The MSM and our liberal clerisy (but I repeat myself) sprinkle some hate chum in the water—look at the evil Whitey!—stir up some manufactured outrage on Twitter to start an intersectional feeding frenzy and voila! another phony controversy to advance their agenda. (Their agenda being more or less: we are Righteous & Holy, our opponents (downscale whites all) are evil and backwards, therefore we deserve total power to destroy them and rule unimpeded).

Twitter may be the greatest propaganda tool ever invented—there wouldn't have been an entire generation baptized in the Social Justice religion without it—and it gave our ruling elites a handy tool to issue crowd-sourced dogma on the fly, manage narratives and create shibboleths, and to attack their enemies while giving themselves the appearance of infallible omnipotence.

Losing Twitter has made it much harder for our self-deputized Thought Police to tell us all what we're allowed to think, say or write—they will never forgive Elon for this and they will do anything they can to regain the power they've lost.

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Another great piece for my archives.

"And most people aren’t too interested in spending scarce free-time wrestling with philosophized meta-concepts about how the left-wing orthodoxy to which our key cultural institutions have bent the knee might affect the conformation of the cultural realities placed before us; we don’t give much thought to whether the culture being imposed on us in seemingly benevolent, “pro-social justice” ways is simply the product of spontaneous derivations of the popular will, or if it’s something more Machiavellian."

I was apolitical until during W's terms when I noted a clear jump in left bias in my regular news sources. It fired me up because I could see it clearly.

I guess this is my only add to this Twitter obsession explanation. I agree that it is left radical activist (aka new normal Democrat) hive hub for cramming left-favoring narratives into the muffin heads of the easily influenced tweet follower. But I think Twitter just became an accidental platinum tool in their already bristling propaganda war chest that includes Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, the mainstream corporate media and Hollywood. And let's not forget the entire public school and higher learning education system.

But we have to take a step back to see a bigger picture for what is happening. The radical left, although larger now because of their capture of the education system that then clones more radicals that get hired and promoted by unsuspecting organizations, is still a tyrannical minority that should not have this level of power with their absurd and destructive cult beliefs.

No revolution in the history of humans was ever really grass roots bottom-up. The conflict was always between camps of elites that would make offerings to the serf-class to gain their fealty.

Today the Democrat party is the establishment party. They connect to the globalist managerial class that have been freaking out that the old Bretton Woods Global Order that launched after WWII is coming to a close. The epiphanies started during the tech stock meltdown in the 90s, then 9-11 and the Great Recession increased awareness by orders of magnitude. Then BREXIT and then Trump... and the wheels started flying off the establishment power constraint train. I still think the Pandemic was planned and executed by this globalist cabal that connects with the CCP because the CCP needs the continuation of the Global Order to continue to loot their way to economic and military superiority.

They are dangerous because they are desperate to hold onto their wealth generating system.

What we have is a clash of titans in conflict about the Global Order. The establishments wants it to continue. George Soros wants the US to just be a giant ATM for the rest of the world. Larry Fink needs Blackrock assets to keep growing. Establishment elites connected to the globalist industrial war industry need the US to keep being involved in global military conflicts.

Then there are the new Republicans... those that know it cannot continue because it has been on the backs of the American working class, and the US is in debt up to its eyeballs... our infrastructure is crumbling and homeless drug addicts fill our streets that are awash with crime. And some of these new Republicans that see clearly the end of the US being the care-giver to the rest of the world are also elites.

However, the establishment owns the media, tech and controlling interest in most large corporations. The establishment has embraced the tyrannical minority radical left for the distraction and because otherwise they don't have the votes to carry on their political and economic malice to the majority of the rest of the country. They have pledged support of the radicals, and the radicals have pledged their fealty to the establishment. And together they have enough votes to keep the establishment in power.

Musk is not part of that establishment. He is one of the titans on the other side.

Note that we are not talking about the end or perpetuation of the Global Order. We are not talking about how three Wall Street firms own controlling interest in the media, tech and most major corporations... and how they connect with the WEF globalist Agenda 2030 project and how they puppet our government officials and politicians. We are not talking about the looming global reset of the global economy as the US can no longer afford to keep giving away our working class economic opportunity and importing the rest of the world's poverty so 1% of the top can become wealthier billionaires.

We are talking about woke, and Theory, and all the absurdities it delivers.

X is their obsession, but is bigger than just the radicals. The powerful economic and political establishment wants Musk defeated and dead if they cannot force him to capitulate to become one of them.

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I agree with 99% of this, but disagree that they attack X because it's particularly powerful compared to other platforms -- X is just the company that fell out of line. If FB had done it, they would attack FB. Their narrative requires them to have control over EVERYTHING, so the squeaky wheel gets the hammer. (Ask Eric Adams about it sometime.)

Of course, since this article is on Substack, and since Substack is FULL OF NAZIS, we can safely ignore it. ;)

https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/substack-has-a-nazi-problem/ar-AA1kF0ef (Kudos to SCA for pointing this out today)

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Power of "X" shown today when Elon Musk tweeted about the Cyber Threat Intelligence League, or CTIL--11 million people viewed it after Musk's Tweet.

Today at 5pm Matt Taibbi held a livestream about CITL. "Many people insist that governments aren't involved in censorship, but they are. And now, a whistleblower has come forward with an explosive new trove of documents, rivaling or exceeding the Twitter Files and Facebook Files in scale and importance."


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Don't look now, but if what Shellenberger is saying is true than they will look back fondly on the days when all they had to worry about were the Twitter Files.

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Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.

In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality was tacitly denied by their philosophy.

And when memory failed and written records were falsified—when that happened, the claim of the Party to have improved the conditions of human life had got to be accepted, because there did not exist, and never again could exist, any standard against which it could be tested.

I believe many of us have read that book. Look for it to be banned soon.

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> It was allowing the left to essentially superimpose and normalize a certain conception of America via the Overton Window, which is why X was the perfect tool for a Democratic Party hoping to upend American culture and remold society in accordance with progressive ideology.

The left was doing that long before Twitter.

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There is no shot whatsoever Adam Achiff actually cares about pro-Hamas propaganda, he’d probably rather have Twitter be literally owned by Hamas than by Elon Musk. What he and the other “Anti-Disinformation” frauds actually care about is both the exposure of past sinister machinations of the Democratic Party/Intel-Agency/Media Voltron as well as having people allowed to talk about “conspiracy theories” about the actions of his party over the past 7 years that are straight up true.

Twitter (X) is still far more censored than it was pre-2013, advertisers these days make that inevitable, but Schiff is angry he and his Left-Liberal Establishment ilk don’t have full control of the means of elite communication on the internet.

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I really appreciate how you illustrate the ways Discourse shapes what becomes default view, acceptable discussion, and general attitude in society. This framework aptly describes how institutions like schools and media condition us under pre-propaganda to accept the aggressive political propaganda. For example, the 1619 Project narrative posits that slavery founded America rather than the 1776 Declaration and 1789 Constitution and Bill of Rights, and no one accepts that narrative until decades of academic Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, Critical Pedagogy, Marxism, and Queer Theory permeate education and establish the oppressed/oppressor binary as the common new norm. Then comes Kendi and DiAngelo to popularize the omnipresence of Racism and codify new legal discrimination for broader public. In my substack, I am publishing how my discipline's articles, books, and conferences conditioned writing students to operate within this binary social justice paradigm as the default view for scholarship. Postmodernism and the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory appear to have laid much of the groundwork for the social justice paradigm to take root and create what I call the 'Intelleftual' (one who accepts SJ paradigm as default view, acceptable discussion terms, and attitudes).

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yes. at the end of the day, narrative is driving the human car.

if we zoom out and look at humanity more broadly, it’s clear that we are a storytelling species. like it or not, we make sense of our complex world through narratives and stories. this is precisely why the elite are attacking Musk so intensely. for over a decade, Twitter was the default Overton Window machine for the media and ruling elite. anyone who spent any time on there can tell U. it might be the most influential website ever created. certainly the greatest brainwashing tool.

Musk is a strange dude, but I will forever celebrate the Billion dollar troll of buying Twitter.

remember the folks who insisted “it’s a private company, they can do whatever they want!”

yeah, crickets now...

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I enjoyed your article. Great information to digest. One question I have is if X under Musk’s direction is providing real discourse, why is his CEO a very important player in the World Economic Forum? Makes me believe the discourse is being manipulated to a ‘global’ algorithm. It would be interesting to have you provide an article on that very important reality.

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Well written Sir 👏

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As a free speech lefty, it sickens me that Musk seems to be leading that charge. While it appears many of you worship him, he is an asshole employer (check out worker injury rates at Tesla). He collaborates with Israeli government on even better ways to pinpoint Gazans who "must die" (and yes, 10/7 was a horror and travesty).

Anyway, please stop referring to anti-free speech liberals as the left. They are liberals.

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Adam shifty shiff is not “left.” These are more accurately neoliberals. The real left today could fit in a phone booth

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How did you become so completely detached from reality? I’m sure the silicone chip status in a basement somewhere in St. Petersburg really sucks. Oh well, you have got shitty vodka, at least....

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I think it’s naïve to assume that musk is against wokism. What if he’s just gaining the trust of conservatives to further a more hideous agenda? He is after all a transhumanism broker. I’m not on X and I have no love for Musk. I’m a Jew (not a zionist) and I believe in free speech, so: NO Censorship In my name!

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