A marvelously useful recap and resource. They tell the story well.

You mention Greenwald. He moved to substack from The Intercept, which he cofounded, when it refused to run anything critical of Joe Biden before the election. That was saying the quiet part out loud: We call ourselves liberal but are in fact partisan.

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Brad - Your the best - all SIX parts unrolled in one easy to find location.

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Brad - your still the best all 21 episodes unrolled for one stop shoppin.

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If substack allows it, please add a TOC for the Parts, at the top, with hyperlinks. Thanks for this compilation! Will you continue to add more here?

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Brad - to date 12/25/22 all NINE parts of the Twitter Files saga unrolled in one place - simply the best.

Do you know or know of anyone who knows, where the banned - subversive - accounts lists have been disclosed and are available for download?

As oft is the case, things are not what they seem...


Wishing you and yours a Healthy, Happy Holidays and Prosperous New Year


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Brad - Thank You Sir. BTW and this did NOT originate in unrolling or your process...

Did you notice? In Part 1 from Taibbi - #13, 14, 15 are conspicuously absent.

An artifact of @mtaibbi's cat Deja Vu stepping on the keyboard and changing something or Twitter Files censorship or ???


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Hi Brad, will you unroll Twitter File - #19 -- Stanford "Virality Project"?

Many thanks

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So much for "We The People" I'd say.

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