“MAGA country made flesh”: that was a tremendous paragraph wherein you chose to be blunt. Yes “toasted” sandwich indeed, you write trippingly, what a hoot.

So what of 2024, Trump is all but certain to win. Yes? These are vicious people, true believers, fully indoctrinated in “the political Gnosticism of imperial liberalism” as per professor Deneen at the “Post Liberal Order” Substack. What happens when we elect an unauthorized President for the second time? Look what the liberal imperium does to countries that disobey, will they level their violence upon us?

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Thank you!

It'll be really interesting to see how it plays out. There's no doubt that there are a lot of angry people who, when they say the election was "stolen" from Trump, mean they feel like the deck was stacked against him in a variety of ways, and when you throw in the "emergency" voting changes and the little anomalies and these examples of what's hard to see as anything other than the FBI trying to influence elections, they start thinking it was "rigged." Point being that people are genuinely pissed off and feel Trump deserves another term, and when it comes to influencing human behavior, anger's not all that far off from the power of fear. Voters will be extremely motivated.

It's ironic but I'm infinitely more concerned with how people will react if Trump wins again than I am of another Trump term. By downplaying the "fiery but mostly peaceful protests," the media only normalized destructive mass unrest. I can't help but envision something like a collective apoplectic tantrum occurring.

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Interesting point, the BLM riots were covered up, creating a new normal. But isn’t that just for their side? The January 6 riot has been blown out of all proportion. If Trump wins it will be the worlds greatest revenge tour. I’m Canadian so I’ll participate by making a $100 donation to trumps campaign

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