It's later. That is classical change. It was used consciously to move the military from jailing people for having impure thoughts about those of the same sex to full marriage equality for same-sex couples. I was part of that effort, using relationships with senior executives to move the needle within the military's capability to absorb change.

My own motivation was simple. The military was free to criminalize activity; wanting to engage in that activity cannot be made criminal, because that criminalizes thought, a clear violation of the spirit and letter of the First Amendment.

Perception management, a far more accurate term than deception, takes place over a shorter time, and is focused on a specific decision-maker making a specific decision to modify his behavior. It is difficult in the extreme to accomplish.

What you're describing is a result of a small group of people deciding to pursue power at any cost. They have been incredibly lucky, but also clever. They know that young people like to think of themselves as liberal, and as recently as 25 years ago the Democratic Party was in fact liberal. The election of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker put a sociopath in charge. She has ruled with an iron fist ever since. She knows where the bodies are buried. She has something on every member of her caucus. The Russia Hoax, a result of Hillary Clinton's scheming, coupled with COVID19, which Pelosi could use to ensure things got maximally unbearable for Americans, were luck. If not for those events Pelosi would today be a bitter old cat lady filing complaints against her servants.

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