“The report was co-authored by Katie Couric and Chris Krebs, the founder of the DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Yoel Roth of Twitter and Nathaniel Gleicher of Facebook were technical advisors. Prince Harry joined Couric as a Commissioner.”

I spit my coffee out this morning when I got to that tweet.

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Mar 9, 2023·edited Mar 9, 2023Liked by Brad

Thanks, Brad!

I have to confess I'm kinda in shock here: the Democrats have really gone full Joe McCarthy and there is no "have you no shame, sir?" moment on the horizon, as shame is a regressive patriarchal imposition that didn't survive into this century.

(I'm also angry bc as a Gen-Xer I had to sit through maybe 1000 hrs of preachy shows about the evils of the Red Scare, when it turns out no one is immune to wanting to smother and persecute their enemies if they work themselves up into a mania and think they can get away with it.)

My feeling is that Democrats/liberals know they have seized the means of cultural production, know that they own the media minus Fox and Big Tech minus Elon, know they own academia and the demons of DEI, know they can rely on endless billions from their NGO wing and those great saviors of democracy like Soros, Chan-Zuckerbeg and the Jobs widow et al., so they've become like an army that believes it possess overwhelming force: there will be no retreat, no negotiations, no prisoners shall be taken, and no quarter given. They are going to destroy Trump. the Republicans and all political opponents, no matter what else has to get destroyed in the process.

"Dissent delenda est" is written all over their faces.

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This is so helpful. Many thanks for what you do.

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PS: It would be important to analyze SBF and his family (mother, brother, father, close relatives) and their 50+ organizations in which they invested - their communications on Twitter with government organizations.

This could help in finding where that $36 billion “disappeared”

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Thank you VERY much.

Will this set be “unrolled” also? Link please.

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Thank you sooo very much !! And -- Elon Musk is a miracle that happens once in a century.

He single-handedly unmasked the murderous and deeply corrupt US War party – with Twitter Files (J6 choreographed hoax, Russia-gate immense 5-year hoax, has broken total media censorship of terrorist US attack on NATO member Germany and of Covid conspiracy with Pfizer crime organization, of massive crimes by Nazi-dominated Ukraine government which is a mere puppet of US bipartisan War part, etc.).

Elon Musk immense courage and humanity is fully displayed by his one single three-word tweet:

Free Jacob Chansley https://t.co/8BbeXF2Fye

Intelligent, always completely peaceful, childlike US veteran, Jacob Chansley (with documented 15-year innocent mental issues) has been transformed by bloodthirsty and amoral US War party criminals, primarily Democrat leadership and FBI executives, into a symbol of (unarmed) J6 “insurrection” by grotesque lies and evidence hiding.

Peaceful and playful Jacob was tortured by years-long solitary isolation (Tocqueville defined prolonged solitary confinement as instrument of torture) and sentenced to long prison term – despite being now provably innocent of all charges.

https://substack.com/inbox/post/107896276 -- OUTSTANDING

Bloodshed & Bullshit, Part One -- This has to come to an end. Mar. 11, 2023

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Because nothing lends credibility to a report like (former) Prince Harry's imprimatur.

"Leave us alone!"

"Stop staring at us!"

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Well, we have so many names now. Time for targeting.

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Stuff like this is precisely why we need to organize better using technology. We The People need to create our own Decentralized 4th branch of government that holds the other branches accountable.

Imagine if we did this:


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