My wife, who is much too smart to know anything about politics, but who uses Twitter for business PR purposes, turned to me last week and asked: Why is Chrissy Teigen trending??

And that's when I knew the bastards had done it again: take a C-list celebrity name, add some spicy foul language, and blast it out of every propaganda megaphone to drown out the info you want ignored. And it worked like a charm (it always does).

The press knows Americans better than they know themselves: Who wants to pick through the dry salad of facts involving government/media collusion when they could just be fed another rich greasy pellet of TRUMP SUCKS wrapped in the skin of a sexy celeb? Who wants to do the work of an engaged citizen when it feels so much better to be a well-fed consumer/screen zombie?

The worst part of all this is how the corporate state and their narrative management wing lie so frequently and brazenly, they make me sound like a madman. How many times in a row can I explain to everyone I know that everything the media says is a total lie and that their entire purpose is to make sure we're all so addled by outrage and hatred that we hate each other instead of hating them and the people who sign their paychecks?

So instead of explaining that the media cranked up the Chrissy Teigen volume so they could say: "YOUR SIDE DID IT TOO! nothing to see here, move along, isn't it sad how Matt Taibbi is right-wing now?" I just sighed and changed the subject.

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Once again incredible stuff. Be interesting to see someone prosecuted for this shit.

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Gratitude. I did not know the 16 was out! You are a beast.

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For whatever reason I could not comment on the article you just posted. So I'll post a comment regarding that one right here. That took an unbelievable amount of bravery to write. I am humbled.

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“Sus FB Accounts”

Jesus Christ. We are being governed retards.

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I was banned from Twitter for unspecified reasons, but re-registered after Elon bought it, thinking it must be better now. Wrong.

I tweeted the fact "Trans is mental illness" and was banned with such inhuman speed that they seem to have woke AI policing it now. Twitter demands I give them my phone number and delete the offending fact to regain access to their censorship platform. Nope, not going to do that.

Elon failed. He's part of the problem now, not the solution.

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