My friend works around dangerous chemicals, hazards are part of the job, we know the risks. That said, when he developed lung pain, they forced him into the hospital, and forced him onto a ventilator instead of screening for anything else, including the stage 3 lung cancer he had.

My mechanic had a heart attack after the vaccine, died after his booster.

My friend who is 39, has myocarditis after the vaccine.

My female coworker bled for 2 months after hers.

My friend died in his sleep.

My boss had a heart attack and required 2 stents.

By bosses sons classmate became fully paralyzed after the shot.

I was fired for refusing this vaccine, even though I had recovered from COVID, which was the weakest cold I’ve ever experienced.

My wife was kicked out of nursing school for refusing the shot even though she recovered from COVID which was like the flu to her.

My coworker and friend developed brain cancer in her 30’s after the vaccine.

My previous place of employment fired two employees because they were so cognitively impaired after the vaccine, they couldn’t even do their jobs.

My friends mom had a stroke after the vaccine,

My friends wife developed internal tremors after the vaccine.

I can continue, but you get the point.

This was suppressed.

Let me make this emphatically clear, you motherfuckers.

You will be 97 years old, 80 years from now, and we’ll still be hunting you down and bringing you scumbags to trial, like the fucking Mossad.

This doesn’t end.

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Unfortunately, people's opinions on this are ossified and unlikely to shift. Even if they bother to read it (they won't - they're now suckling on climate change for their current night terrors). Just reading through a few of the responses, people fall back on the same fossilised tropes: no such thing as natural immunity (re-infection), Kuldorff knows nothing/dangerous, misinformation, vax prevents hospitalisation/death. Blabla-effing-blabla. People are truly stupid, truly ignorant, truly terrified of everything that they're told to be terrified of. They love it. Shackled to their fears. Or maybe not. Maybe confronting the possibility that they've been lied to and elected willingly to do things that were dumb and likely damaging (lockdowns, masking, vax) is worse. God, I hate everything - as eugyppius says.

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It all leads back to the Biden Adiminstration and the Democrat political operatives in government installed by the Obama Administration. Like all cultists, these people have a unique identity that should support a purge.

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Apparently Elon has a soft spot for children.

Everyone should tweet clips of the children who died from the vaccine (the known ones, that were officially declared, so the scumbags can’t deny it),

Tweet it at him in masse, “why was this suppressed?” “Why was twitter allowing this to continue?”

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Lots of crimes against humanity!

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Is that it? If so, the Twitter Files are a form of damage control, another way of controlling the narrative

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