“Maybe because I am from China,” said one employee on January 7, “I deeply understand how censorship can destroy the public conversation.”


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“Maybe because I’m from Chy-Na, and sending all the data to my masters” is what he was thinking......maybe 😂😂

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Fascinating the opinions critical of the Trump ban from leaders from countries without a First Amendment. We have people shredding our direct constitutional rights while outsiders lacking those direct rights criticize the moves.

I think it is clear that all of the big tech companies need to be identified as common carriers unless they define specifically their customer criteria and stick to it. Section 230 protection needs to be done away with.

The disappointing thing in all of this Twitter File reporting up to this point is there is not enough evidence of direct connections to the government and political machine. The reality with the Democrat machine is they have an army of proxy warriors that do their political malice bidding without the finger prints of direct collusion. But how can we accept that it is anything else? How can these private decision makers make decisions that favor the Democrats exclusively without tying it back to the Democrat political machine?

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My biggest takeaway from this session...

Holy shit, the arrogance and hubris of these twits.. they honestly believed they’re all that was standing between the future of civilization and the extinction of democracy.

I’m sure they believe their heroism is up there with that of their great grandfathers who stormed Normandy.

Jesus Christ.

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Dec 13, 2022Liked by Brad

I reiterate my thousand thanks to you. And complement Bari for distilling this information to its essence - that a group of people (unelected but self-appointed) decided what information the world could see. And Twitter users had no appeal.

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