Here is the way I look at this.

The liberal Democrat establishment under Obama - the professional community organizer - after the 2010 red wave - started leveraging the radical hive of the education system and their plans to indoctrinate millions of students and launch them into thousands of non-profits, government (primarily Justice and the FBI and military), media, HR and other positions of power and influence, where these bots of destruction would do the dirty work for the Democrat establishment so the Democrat politicians would have plausible deniability for being responsible for all the malice. With this mob bot radical army and the take over of so many positions of influence, the Democrat establishment then colluded with the WEF globalist billionaires to send lots of cash to the non-profits where money then flowed to their campaign coffers. Then with that political power they used regulatory power and their mob bot employees to harass corporations to adopt their woke BS.

ALL of this points right back to the Democrat party. It is so constitutionally illegal on so many fronts that is makes my blood boil that we continue to accept their denial. Heads need to roll and they need to roll yesterday. We are in a constitutional crisis like we have never seen. Elections are being unfairly and un-democratically influenced. Dark and illegal money has been flowing to the Democrat machine without any power to stop it. Their methods to keep power are blowing up the country. We are heading toward a civil war and the enemy is our neighbor.

Twittergate proves astounding illegal collusion between the Democrat party and big tech. It is proof of massive election interference. Under U.S. law, telecommunications services are classified as common carriers, as are many oil and gas pipeline operators. It is long past time that we applied these laws to the major digital networks like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This might be all we need to do to avert the war.

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What we are watching is the progression of a mass tribal psychosis, where a group (in this case whoever has been brain-poisoned by the Social Justice religion) convinces itself that they are the chosen repository of all that is True & Good & Wise and everyone who disagrees needs to be destroyed.

And in order for a group or person to hold their psyche together without breaking down (or losing face) they need to steadily increase the lying, the rationalizations, the threats, the tantrums, the emotional blackmail etc...this is the corner the progressive oligarchy has painted themselves into, this is where their addiction to self-righteous sanctimony has led them.

What happens to a society when its leaders are in the grip of a mass mental illness and would rather denounce, demonize and destroy than sober up, climb down and admit their mistakes?

The 2020s are going to be a very ugly decade.

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"Weiss also documents how Roth used spam “technicalities” to justify restricting the visibility of high profile accounts like Libs of TikTok. Roth would later ask the company’s Health, Misinformation, Privacy, and Identity research team to come up with justifications to support expanding the site’s visibility filtering tools, which he referred to as “non-removal policy interventions,” including “de-amplification” and “disabling engagements,” AKA censorship."


Standard operating procedure these days. Do what you want, come up with justifications afterward.

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Transparency is the enemy of corruption.

Decentralization is the cure.

We need to demand both, relentlessly.

Are you a problem solver?


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Brad - Excellent post. As you did with Part 5, 4, 3, could you please unroll 2 and 1?

It would be much appreciated by the millions around the world who have gone digital ex pat on the state sponsored propaganda & censorship machine known as Twatter...

Know this... Musk is a double agent who is military - intelligence community sanctioned. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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“The Blue Check praetorian guard, largely comprised of liberal journalists, knows that the playing field has radically changed, and transparency hath cometh.” <- love it!

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