It was difficult for me to read this because the rage I feel toward the American media class is deeply unhealthy.

I expect this level of dishonesty and manipulation from politicians and other assorted parasites, but our media class not only destroyed their credibility through thousands of obvious lies, they had (have) the brazen gall to act like the poison they're feeding us is really medicine for our own good: they're "saving democracy" (LOL) while doing everything they can to discredit the winner of the 2016 election, all while treating adult citizens like dangerous imbeciles who need to be told what to do and what to think, that any not-officially-approved thought is really backwards and bigoted; they're saving us from the lies of dishonest Donald through constantly lying about everything he says and does, only to snarl and attack if confronted with the fact that today's talking points are opposite from yesterday's; they're saving us from fascism while being in bed with the FBI, State Dept, Big Tech and Big Pharma, consolidating govt and corporate power while lying or gaslighting whenever caught; they're fighting this ghost called "White supremacy" which has suddenly risen from the grave and stalks the land by hanging phantom nooses and attacking C-level TV stars, all while doing more to foment racial hatred and turn people against each other based on race than anyone since maybe the Confederacy; and, most hilariously, they've given up boring old objectivity and neutrality for something called "moral clarity" which is when everything they think is Good and everything you think is EVIL, and because there's no one more wise and virtuous than someone w a BA in English whose greatest moral dilemma has been whether to swipe left or right.

I could continue but will stop...

These people deserve nothing but scorn and ridicule and I hope I live long enough to see our modern media companies go bankrupt and their supposed "journalists" sleeping in cardboard boxes.

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Greta's performance is better when set to music:


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Here in Canada we've had sort of the obverse situation, where our hard left globalist prime minister took advantage of his own government-generated COVID chaos to call a snap election last fall and preserve his one-party state until at least 2025. Virtually all media here is either owned or heavily subsidized by the feds, and since most Canadians are snivelling conformists anyway, it doesn't take much of an effort on that media's part to keep most of us in line. And, I'd better stop there, before I start foaming at the mouth again.

By the way, I've been following a lot of Substacks this year (including, happily, some good Canadian ones), and yours is the only one so far I've decided to pay for (as of yesterday, an annual subscriber). Please keep it up: you are a very strong, clear writer, and I'll always be looking forward to your posts.

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