And all the money the hospitals got, millions for fake Covid deaths. Why were the hospitals financially incentivized to do this? They wanted people to die. I hope and pray I NEVER have to go to a hospital again my whole life. They were EVIL during Covid. We will never forget or forgive them for killing our family members.

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Lately I've been wondering who holds the most power in our society.

I'm inclined to lean toward the media, because what power could be greater than telling almost everyone what to think, what to feel, who/what to like, who/what to hate, who/what to fear etc...Just look at the lab-leak issue: how much intense brainwashing power was involved in getting people to Skinner box their brains to the point that a laboratory error in Wuhan was "racist" but that the Chinese eating fried critters wasn't? Or that a barely tested pharmaceutical product had to injected immediately by the entire country or else you would be the moral and hygienic equivalent of a plague rat?

But then I remember that what we call the media is mostly owned by a handful of global corporations, and that these corps work hand-in-glove with NGOs and governments, who all support, staff, subsidize and protect each other. All these people and orgs have created an interlocking system of control where they can both give you a disease (even if it's just "transphobia" or "internalized misogny" lol) and then either sell you the cure or have you ruined for refusing to take the cure.

I guess my point is that 1) our globalized media ecosystem, more specifically the algorithms that control and manipulate our thoughts and feelings on such a massive and total yet subtle scale, may be a tool more powerful than anything ever invented, a sort of cognitive and metaphysical A bomb; and 2) a global system of social control seems to be our near future and the Covid mass hysteria was just a beta test for it.

If these global power centers were able to shut down whole societies based on some manipulated videos and fake studies and statistics, were able to turn one half of society into ideological enforcers against the other side, demand that everyone roll up their sleeves and bow down to Pfizer—AND GET AWAY WITH IT!—they will be doing this again, most certainly before the end of this decade.

Our future seems to be some combo of Matrix, Idiocracy, and Skynet.

Sorry for blabbing! All thanks to Brad!

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I do Ancestry and I must have seen hundreds, and hundreds of death certificates, not pleasant. My grandfather whom I never knew had a stroke 3 years prior to his death. He developed acute bronchial pneumonia, but his cause of his death is listed as acute bronchitis which he developed shortly before he died. You see this type of thing repeatedly, and it's absurd in determining what actual caused this person to die. You have to read it as acute bronchitis was the icing on the cake that killed him. Using death certificates is relatively meaningless, unless you sit down and take in the whole health history of a person. Like everything else it seems the medical profession looks at things in a non holistic way. When you go to a doctor he addresses your immediate issue, but never inquires about your sleep patterns, diet, exercise, the degree of stress in your life, etc. Too often their cure is a pill to fix you.

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Then there were these kinds of things: A motorcycle accident kills a young man, but the authorities said it was covid. And they wonder why we watch Fox. Could it be Fox is better at real journalism than the Times?


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And yet, if I try to mention any of this to my friends, they refuse to even consider it. At the very most they will acknowledge that the vaccines didn't prevent infection, "But it would've been much worse."

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Can't wait for the NYT to get thrown out of society for dangerous, anti-science misinformation.....

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Spokane, Washington station KXLY just came out with a new article regarding covid, helping to keep people fearful:

"Going back to school can also trigger an uptick in cases. The Spokane Regional Health District is increasing its efforts to stop the spread.

"Since October, 2021, Spokane Regional Health District has been testing sewage that comes through two wastewater facilities for COVID-19. But, now they can tell which variants are in the area. This helps doctors better respond—especially, when there's an uptick in cases.

"When you look at that, it allows you to then determine that perhaps in the next couple of weeks, we're going to see more cases and if we're going to see more cases, that's important information, for example, for partners in healthcare, so they can be ready and get the resources lined up," Dr. Frank Velázquez, Spokane County Health Officer said."

"Cases are still relatively low—especially compared to winter. But, there was a slight increase at the end of June. Cases might pick up again in August, when it's back to school time. One parent said she trusts the school district's guidelines.

"If the kids are supposed to wear masks, that's great. And yeah, I really felt like the school district did a great job last time. So they're going to school," Suzie Pham, a Spokane mom said.


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I loved your caption for CNN: Hysteria machine is spot on.

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The Anatomy of a Shit Show chart is great! And really important to shoot down the “but we didn’t know” excuse. As you point out, the relevant points were already known in March of 2020. If they didn’t know, they should not be in charge of anything to do with public health.

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Many of us were skeptical early on, thank goodness.

It will be interesting to see where the numbers are, of people taking boosters?

I never took a/the shot, never took a test and was never sick. I haven't taken a flu shot in 30 years and haven't had a bad case of flu or even a bad cold in all that time.

I will also be interesting to see what happens to the blood of those who had jabs and those who didn't.

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Another outstanding piece! (By the way, I believe it's George Gilder, not Geoffrey.)

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Great comprehensive account of the scamdemic. Well done

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Let’s do the math if we can. How many “with” deaths were counted as from?

MSM will memory hole these lies in the coming election cycle.

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In May of 2022, my husband had to take a Covid test for a hospital procedure he was having, and it came up positive. He wasn't sick at all.

So, I went and took a test and also came up positive, and wasn't sick.

To make a long story short, he ended up in the hospital, a week later, for other complications due to not being able to have his procedure and died 22 days later, after being sent to a Long Care Facility that night.

He may have died from kidney failure even if he had the procedure, but we won't know will we?

We had just returned from a vacation in Colorado for several days, so at least I have those wonderful memories, and 36 years of marriage.

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Thank you.

James O’Keefe interview with Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – Jul 27


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - Is COVID A Bioweapon That Targets Specific Races? -- Jul 25


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