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"Presumably, the raid would essentially be a gambit that emboldening Trump’s base and making a Trump ‘24 run more likely will motivate people to vote Blue come midterms."

The troika using Biden as a 'Weekend at Bernie's' prop - Jill, Nancy and Ron Klain - has no member capable of that level of 3-D Chess. As with most things, this was exactly what it looked like - an administration desperate to move inflation and recession from the headlines. The motivation for EVERYTHING done by this administration can be found in Utter Incompetence.

In an inflationary economy caused by government overspending, while the jackboots were figuratively kicking in doors, another trillion in spending took place under cover of an Inflation Reduction Act label, and the Klepto-in-Chief raised a middle finger to the American people by inviting Hunter along for the trip. Not a single Democrat will ever vote to impeach, nor to convict. Thank God we have no grandchildren. I don't want them to have to survive on foreign aid from Niger and Venezuela.

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