If the left were winning at the Supreme Court, they would be parroting in unison that we all must respect the rulings of the courts. For them, it's ALL about power. They want it, and the Court is standing in the way (for now.)

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What would happen if the right enjoyed a long period of right-leaning Supreme Court decisions only to have long-standing precedents most thought would remain forever quickly toppled? Say for instance that a majority of ultra-liberal justices found a way to curtail gun ownership...well, maybe that's not possible but you get the idea: would conservatives be equally respectful of the court's decisions then? Maybe they would but I tend to think people are people, and on this issue the divide between right and left is not so great. Both sides respect the court when they're getting what they want.

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Liberals, have for the most part, the minds set of the aristocracy. They see themselves as having superior attributes & all that comes from them is beneficial to the greater good. Even if it is not directly benefiting some right now, the greater good, this pseudo religious ideology of theirs that can not be wrong, in the same way bequeaths them with a an invincible right that must not be questioned, denied or in any way abrogated. Ridiculous fashionable ideals are easily grafted to their ideology if it comes from a source they respect, one of their own, naturally.

So have been adopted vegetarianism, geological gradualism, atheism, population control (not their population, yours), mass transportation (for the masses), ecological fascism, transgenderism & selective & divisive racism & of course an every greater entanglement of more increasingly complex & contradictory laws that only an expensive team of retainer kept lawyers can decipher & keep at bay. Control the masses, who really have no possible understanding of how things ought to be run. Deny, defy or contradict any of their religious beliefs & you are a heretic, who must be excoriated, excommunicated & executed. They see the existence even of the smallest of contradictory ideas must be completed destroyed & utterly deleted. This is a religious war that the Liberals have declared on freedom, without their willing to acknowledge their jihad. The Supreme Court with its majority of heretics is the latest to face their terrorist campaign against blasphemers.

If we do not see this as it truly is, a religious war, we fight against an invisible enemy. They lie, cheat, steal, rape, torture & murder for their great chromed idol of their own selfish, greedy & immoral superiority.

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Thank you !!

FYI -- An OUTSTANDING article (including interesting comments)


The Sun Sets On Richard N. Haass's CFR Career -- by “Simplicius The Thinker” - Jul 3, 2023


SITREP 6/30/23: Winds Gather Before the NATO Summit

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Renown US lawyer, Robert Barnes, reads and comments Declaration of Independence:


PS: Administrative ( == “Deep”) State ( == unelected bureaucracy) consider itself independent and superior to laws and US Constitution

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The left believes they will be in power for perpetuity and are too short-sighted to think any of their own tactics will ever be used against them. They can't comprehend the right using those same tactics because they don't believe the right will ever be in power again.

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The sudden appearance of articles of alleged misconduct immediately after the contested but correct rulings show the stirrings of the most despicable group of politicians in modern times. Who can forget Kavanaugh and the woman with the squeaky voice?

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"The Left’s politically motivated scheme to expand the Supreme Court is incredibly shortsighted."

They've made this mistake before; ironically, that's how we got the present conservative majority the Democrats are desperate to change.

In 2013 Senate Democrats eliminated the use of the filibuster on judicial nominees, except to the Supreme Court, in order to enable confirmation of Obama's Circuit Court nominees, who were blocked by Republicans. In 2017, Senate Republicans – predictably – extended the change to include Supreme Court nominees. Not one of the three Trump nominees to the Supreme Court would have been confirmed without this change.

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It seems to me that the entire Democrat political strategy, and it works fabulously, is to isolate entities to pin to the Republicans and then negative brand with the goal of inflaming voter demographic rage against the entity and then the Republicans by proxy. For the young female voter, SCOTUS is now the boyfriend that dumped them, or in the case of real lesbian female voters, the representative man that they will always hate and strive to eliminate.

This strategy is required by the Democrats because it had become clear, especially after the 2010 midterms and then the 2016 election, that not enough people were buying their ideological dog food. Their decision after 2016 was basically to burn down the entire system rather than concede defeat of their beloved left ideology.

But the strategy is really nothing without the means to execute it. And the means is where we should focus almost all of our attention: the corporate media.

The core media is not the independent press today. The media, the mainstream corporate media, is in fact a corrupted collaborator in the project to unmake America and all of western society into something it should never be. But for it to work, the country would need to be thrown into greater chaos and conflict, because otherwise the people would resist the attempt to transform it. And undermining all the great American institutions that have become the shining city on the hill for the rest of the world would need to be their front-line.

I don't blame the modern Democrats, the modern left, for doing what they do. But with every headline from the mainstream media that is clearly designed to attack the legitimacy of the Supreme Court and other of our honored institutions, I dream of a traitors' trial and execution of those responsible. Those that own and control the levers and switches of the mainstream media that are complicit in this project to divide the country, sew chaos and undermine our institutions are no less guilty of treason than were the Rosenbergs.

They hide behind the First Amendment, but they are players in an elaborate insurrection.

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