This should have the news media on fire, and impeachment activities starting in the House. The fact that neither of these are occurring tells us that the it isn't just the Biden family that is corrupt, it is the entire elite-media-political ruling class.

One of my conservative friends a few years back told me he was very concerned about where the country was heading. I told him that the US had a historically tendency of going off track, but the eventually and slowly the people came to their senses and elected new leaders that got it back on track.

Today I worry that my friend was correct... we are so far off track but the majority seems to not care, and in fact, support the corrupt regime. I hope I am wrong. There are signs that people are waking up... but there are other signs that the ruling class establishment has too much media influence power and can just brainwash the masses to adopt its beneficial narrative. I cannot believe how many educated and articulate people have jumped head first into the media narrative Kool Aid and foam at the mouth when they are criticized and challenged. For example, they claim Joe Biden is a great man and doing a great job... without any hint at the sarcasm I was expecting!

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Don’t remember much about what the Teapot Dome scandal during the Harding admin was about, but this is clearly the worst corruption of my lifetime. Way way worse than Watergate, which it looks increasingly likely was a CIA setup of Nixon.

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Excuse me if I don't hold my breath waiting for justice.....

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Everyone realizes how chaotic, disruptive and politically charged it is to investigate a sitting president, but...C'mon man, this is insane. There is an email chain, there is money everywhere, there are witnesses and lying under oath. You have to think if this was a republican president, he would be toast by now

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That’s proof of a criminal conspiracy by high ranking FBI officials to influence the 2016 election by discrediting the Hunter Biden laptop story before the media got to it.


2020 ?

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It is long overdue to publicly state and restate that we have been and are in the middle of largest US conspiracy ever.

Conspiracy led by Hillary DNC team (including St. Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Schiff, etc.) and Deep State (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.) and also select RINO GOP collaborators.

The unprecedented and on-going CONSPIRACY includes

• Russia-gate 5-year hoax and major election interference,

• coup in Ukraine and attempted coup against elected US president,

• Hunter laptop premediated lies, silencing of US president in social media and resulting stealing of 2020 election,

• protection of Biden and Biden’s family major corruption,

• Jan. 6 armed insurrection set-up (with almost ten dead according to AOC),

• Building a major censorship apparatus led by CIA and FBI executives in State media, Internet, major universities and technology giant firms – that is still maintained

• Persecution, prosecution, and silencing leading 2024 presidential candidates who are opposing the US War uni-party

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Clintons, St. Obama and Biden family are major US corrupt war criminals

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What has really thrown me about this is it has been run by the dumbest president in history! I guess others took over once the senility reached critical mass. How on earth did no one suspect this?? It isn't like he's smart enough to cover the whole thing up!! It is just so obvious; I can't believe the other crooks in Congress didn't catch on...

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-- Zlochevsky then allegedly went on to say that he had paid $5 million each to Hunter and Joe Biden.

Since updated to Hunter and "another Biden." Zlochevsky added that he had never sent any money directly to The Big Guy. We also know that Hunter and Joe comingled funds in a shared account. We have proof of bribery.

One of only two crimes specifically named in the Constitution, bribery is the only specific crime qualifying as a reason for impeachment and removal from office.

Bribery was considered very serious at the time; I suspect because the crime is nearly always integral to the crime of treason.

Which gets me to the point of my comment. I am not merely sorely disappointed; I am horrified that not a single Democrat in Congress is bothered in the least that our President is likely guilty of bribery. Not a single Democrat in Congress is even curious about the details.

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This train has left the station. over 40% of the country is OK with all of this. Nothing will happen until they screw up big time and hurt a lot of people, and then, if it involves the Ukraine and nukes, might be too late.

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So now we get kamel-toe for POTUS

I hope there is a smoking gun to take her out, so that Speaker-of-House can be POTUS until the toilet is flushed.

All this is happening because the UKRAINE war has been lost, and now they want to know where the $200 Billion USD went

Follow SBF & FTX, all the crypto 10% everytime back to kamel-toe&fjb

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The idea of that buffoon running all of his criminal activities plus his arrogant stupidity are driving me nuts because it's causing doublethink - believing two opposite things at the same time! Impossible!

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Nope, the "Franklin Coverup" was the biggest POTUS scandal in USA history.

Warren Buffet & CIA BUSH had every 'cleaner' in the USA working fulltime to dispose of witness corpses, when it was over even the surviving kids refused to be questioned, in fear of their lives because all their friends had been murdered. The little black girl alisha who had been raped the most ended up in prison.

Of course the biggest of the biggest is the PEDO-DOLLAR where for +50 years USA Kissinger post 1972 deal swamped kidnapped USA children and shipped them to SAUDI for their unlimited appetite for +4 year old child-brides

The only reason in 2023 its now over is most kids have fentanyl & meth in their blood because so many USA parents live on the street;

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It happens.

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