Moving the All-Star game was unforgivable. MLB should be ashamed. Watching the Braves win it was awesome.

But this election BS is obviously BS when you compare the hypothetical Georgia "Jim Crow" to the "that actually happened" voter suppression in Arizona.


“We received just a few weeks ago, January of 2023, the system log files from the tabulators that were used in Maricopa County on Election Day, along with the redacted CVR records. Through an analysis, we were able to determine that a quarter of a million ballot feeds [were] misread by those tabulators,” Busch explained. “There are approximately two tabulators in every polling Center, which means there were 446 tabulators with a quarter of a million voter attempt failures.”


Yet when this stuff actually prevents votes from being counted, the response of Democrats is "that's what you get for voting on election day." Where's the outcry for the voters who were disenfranchised?

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White Republican voters are *supposed* to be disenfranchised.

It's *always* "who,whom" for Democrats.

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"Lived Experiences" > Data

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Wait. Wait. You’re telling me that the Lame Stream Media said something they didn’t like was racist. Well I’ve never heard or seen them do that before.

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One of the notable differences between myself and Ol' Joe is I actually read the legislation before commenting. The only place I have seen Jim Crow 2.0 is at Joe's campaign headquarters.

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"If they had any decency ..."

Good one!

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