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Gender Theory is founded on 2 brazen lies:

1) that theirs is a scholarly pursuit, that their claims and ideas are backed by impartial scholarship based on reason, logic, empiricism and testable claims--we all know this is a lie, theirs is a political crusade that posits the mammalian sex binary as an oppressive imposition that must be destroyed by any means necessary, which only wears the skin suit of scholarship; and

2) that "gender is a social construct" which is something only a cossetted academic who's lived entirely in the world of language and symbols could even contemplate. Our supposed degree-laden betters seem to have never read even an introduction to biology and are completely ignorant of natural selection, sexual selection, mating strategies, the pair-bond, the sexual division of labor etc etc.

Never speak a word of their jargon, never submit to the social bullying, emotional blackmail, and heavy-handed moralism of the Gender cult.

Just tell them: "Sorry, I don't believe in Gender Theory and I don't speak Gender Theory. I respect your choices, please respect mine."

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I don't speak Gender Theory. Ha. Kinda like i tell my family when I offer to get coffee for them , "write it down, I dont speak Starbucks"

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I last went to Starbucks about 25 years ago after their coffee boi refused to sell me a "medium" coffee unless I called it by it's 'proper' name.

I left and never went back.

These days I use a good thermos which I fill up before I go out with my coffee, made my way, that I paid a few cents for. I have not bought a coffee at a shop in years. I use it for water too. In my entire life I have bought maybe 20 bottles of water on an 'emergency' basis.

Don't support in any way things that you do not believe in. The only way forward!

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ha - I rarely go as, perish the thought, I do not drink coffee. I drink green tea mostly. The occasions I do go are:

1. Being a good dad/husband and offering to pick something up when on an errand.

2. When in search of internet service when on the road and feel I should pay for service rendered. Pretty rare nowadays, there are better alternatives.

3. Moments of desperation when overseas in places like Taipei when I just wanted to find an offering that was familiar.

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the rub is that all of their scholarly papers and studies that they trot out are almost exclusively self referential. when they do actually get around to citing a source, it’s always another Critical Theory professor or academic. none of it is based on anything resembling empirical, objective science.

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This is from Ryszard Legutko:

"The original sin of the academic institutions in the entire Western world was, I think, to open them to highly political and ideological disciplines (or rather, pseudo-disciplines) such as gender studies, feminist studies, etc., which quickly infected all humanities and social sciences.

First, they killed the academic culture of research because all of them start not with questions, but with conclusions – one and the same in all matters that are being discussed – and then bend the arguments to justify those conclusions. It is always about how men discriminate against women, heterosexuals against homosexuals, white people against black people, Europeans against non-Europeans, etc.; all effort is to provide additional proofs or present another variation of the same story.

Consequently, they turned the schools into the training camps; young minds are shaped in such a way that they cannot but perceive the intellectual inquiry as leading to or away from desired political and ideological ends. This unfortunately spilled over to the departments of literature, history, social and political sciences."

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This is fascinating to me - I grew up in a University family - I was a University Brat.

My father's focus, however, was School of Business. So when the liberal arts fluffy degrees came out (our University didn't have much - the private college in town had more - and the State University 2.5 hours away was the centre of it all - Bloomington, Indiana) - his pooh-poohing was not that - it wasn't that it wasn't "scholarship," (he likely believed it was) but - that it was completely useless. He felt the same about Art (unless you were gifted), Philosophy & History, somewhat less so with English (definitely, he pooh-poohed an English Lit Degree). He was teaching at a University in Ohio when Kent State happened. He got it, on many levels. He knew what the kids were fighting for, and he agreed - but he felt that with the time & effort you put into a degree it should be useful.

At the time, being young & impressionable, thought - how cool to be rich enough to go for Women's Studies. But I have to make a living . . .

As I've aged another 40 years - I wonder at the waste. How many friends did I have with History degrees who starved? How are these "women's studies" and "queer studies" people going to make livings? As "Diversity Officers?"

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I don t have pronouns, I do not refer to myself in anything other than the first person. You can pick what pronoun to use for me, I wont mind. whatever you choose, ive been called much worse

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the animating spirit of our current times in the West seems to be the Hatred of Humanity.

technology has progressed so fast that the limits of nature has been interpreted as oppression.

White liberal self hatred has been brilliantly weaponized into accepting Metaphysical concepts such as gender and whiteness.

cut off from any transcendental grounding, we are floating in the abyss. like a cork amongst the waves. we are grasping at anything to try and make sense of the world.

this creates the perfect environment for the activists and ideologues.

but coming for children is a whole new shade of devilry.

hold on tight y’all, the road is getting rough.

this is taking on an almost religious struggle, but like the blind man said...”you can hide from the Devil, but you can’t hide from God”.

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Ironically, I think all this pick-a-pronoun business is making otherwise easygoing people turn against the transgendered. I used to consider myself an "ally." I believe that some have some sort of psychological/neurological miswiring that makes them believe they were "born in the wrong body." It's not a common affliction but it happens. For these people, transitioning provides much needed relief. I'm happy to call a man who has taken steps to present as a woman, either in dress or with medical intervention, a woman. Do I believe that the former man really is a woman? I dunno. Maybe not. But if it makes the transgendered person happy I'm fine to go along.

What's happening now though is a whole different ballgown. I recoil at the idea of language in general being degendered. We lose something important talking about "pregnant people" and "people with prostates" etc. The whole they/them thing is unbearably weird and unwieldy. I shouldn't be pressured to anounce my pronouns.

I think that some transgender activists are oddly traditional; they seem to believe in traditional gender roles. A person doesn't have to become a woman to be effeminate; let's bring back the queens. A person doesn't have to become a man to be masculine; let's bring back the tomgirls. People can act and dress how they like as far as I'm concerned. Few of us need operations to be who we are.

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At some level - like sex - aren't my pronouns and Spirit Name private?

I used to participate in a community where it was "spiritual" to change your name to reflect your inner journey. Moonbeam, Deerheart, Starwalker, Sunflower (these are made up ones - I'd hate for one of these people to read their name on the internet). And - in that culture - someone would have an Insight or Experience, and had to change their name. Now their name was Earth Warrior, or Oak, or whatever. Some people changed names frequently, others could rest in their made-up name & identity (sure, we played with identities, but it was nothing like this gender bs, it was more like: Today I'm a Wizard!)*

*sadly, this community is now vaxxed & boosted. Cannot enter without cert or negative RAT. So much for the Nature Cult!

As this community only met a few times a year, sometimes it was hard to keep up. The best respect was to remember their names, but was that last year's name, or this one? And the errors were forgiven - we dealt from the heart - so they know you meant to say Starheal when you meant Moonflower. The video above where she/they changes her pronouns daily - not only is it rude to ask me to keep up:

It's self obsessional to think anyone really **cares** how their gender feels today (isn't this private, like sex?). It is so self-focused on "me," how will this person contribute to society in any way meaningful?

And it's delusional to cater to feelings on such a moment-by-moment basis. It's psychotic/narcissitic that children are being trained to do so.

What will this look like in 10 years?

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Lots of good points. I think this whole pronoun business could be done away with if we'd all just agree that pronouns signify sex rather than gender identity. How someone feels in their innermost self is their business and it has nothing to do with what I mean when I say "he" or "she."

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As a 1st grade teacher I think it’s a disservice to teach children non-binary is even an option!

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Thank you Denise! Childhood should be about figuring out how to navigate the world. What are colours? Why is the sky blue? What are the rules of this game? How/What/Who - about Others. Everything I see about schools (especially in the US) seems to be about how to get them as confused as possible so that when the hormones kick in at puberty, they won't be breeders. I'm so thankful I have no children or grandchildren to worry about.

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This is sad on many levels, including that transgenderism is real but exceedingly rare. The only jurisdictions that track the phenomenon are the US and the EU. They report that the incidence is about 0.35%, or less than a quarter of flat-earthers. These people are often miserable and should be welcomed and helped, not subjected to use for political purposes. We should join hands with them and accompany them through the marvelous journey called life. There is no medical or other scientific evidence to support clusters of them.

We can do all of this without turning the country upside down.

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They are often miserable, very miserable, and guess what? Surgery rarely helps them feel better. How could it?

Like the tittoker who identifies as a bird, giving her feathers won't help her, her problem is in her head.

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Surgery rarely works bcause the patient isn't first helped to develop reasonable expectations about the outcome.

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Expectations from surgeons are always high. Regardless of the surgery.

I learned the hard way (not about transgender, but about surgery).

You go to a surgeon, he'll tell you he can fix it! Such confidence and skill. And yes, all of my surgeons have been skilful, they did what they did, well.

But once the surgery is done, it cannot be undone, in most cases. Did I really need a hysterectomy? Thyroidectomy? And did that bowel surgery make things better? Or worse? Short of an emergency appendectomy or gall bladder - I think I'd like to keep my organs from now on. I've heard that arthroscopy of the knee = does nothing. 90% of back surgeries = cause more problems than they solve. Hip replacements have been found to leak oil and particles into the bloodstream.

The same with medicines - this is not just about transgender, it's about drugs. How many drugs are prescribed & dispensed that are completely unnecessary? (statins come to mind, and there's a soapbox waiting for overuse of antidepressants) Repeated contrast MRI's leave you filled with gadolinum. And doctors just gaslight you if you don't like their "treatments."

(NOTE: My husband's life has been saved twice by surgeons - once under emergency conditions - but you have to be careful when you interview them!)

Knowing THESE horrors - when I think about trans surgeries (and cross hormones), the wind is knocked out of me. Unfraggingbelievable.

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I never passed the surgical rotation in med school. My first practice tracheotomy I decapitated the dummy. I found that surgeons tend to ignore medicine, believing that if a condition is subject to surgical treatment, then after the surgery it's fixed. A highly skilled general surgeon finally came around after half a dozen operations on our daughter.

I've had bladder cancer twice. The second instance was one in which the urologist (surgeon) forgot a basic tenet of medicine: it's a team sport, and the patient is the team captain. After the second time he set that aside I braced him, telling him that I was the team captain and this is the way things will proceed. In the US, all articles about bladder cancer are written by surgeons, so surgery is the default answer. In Europe half the articles are written by oncologists (non-surgeons) and they get the same five-year results with chemo-radiation as the surgeons. I was accustomed to reading European journals because I attended medical school in Germany.

I practiced psychiatry in Germany for a short while, and saw few minor patients. Adult patients who showed up asking for gender-reassignment surgery was one thing; children were another. The brain does not mature until age 26 or so, and I refused to refer patients for medical intervention before then. The only adult transsexual I personally knew went from a male having sex with females to a female having sex with females. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

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It's a bit of a crap shoot, eh?

I agree about sexual orientation - my mate was a girl before I met him. His girlfriend is the same woman she, and then he's been with for a decade. When they were both girls, they birthed 2 children together with a surrogate father, now those children have a father in their lives. Who am I to say how they live? I happen to love them, and their children. I didn't know him before - only what I've heard.

On the flip side, though, my heart is stricken with fear when I think about his risks for osteoporosis & female cancers. This is uncharted territory.

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Hair can, and often does, start to grow in their 'vagina'.

Sex change or butchery?


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That’s who this is really hurting, isn’t it? The very people who these policies are purporting to help. Sad.

Doesn’t it seem strange that out all all the psychological disorders/illnesses out there, transgenderism is the only one where we are expected to try and contort reality to what the mentally ill person is experiencing? Should we also support a schizophrenic man who says he needs to cut off parts of his anatomy so the government can’t hear him?

But that’s the interesting thing about this entire “trans” movement: it’s a religious phenomenon. We’re way past reasoned dialogue and scientific discourse.

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Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a thing. Sufferers want to have their arms and legs cut off.

Good idea?

Most would say NO!

Sex changing though? Go for it!

It's lunacy.

The terrible thing is that you can't say what I just said in public or at work. They'll destroy you for that.

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Body Dysmorphic Disorder is among the most often fatal of all mental disorders.

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Well of course you can't say that. That's a heresy!

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I agree with your first paragraph. After that I get a bit lost.

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Everybody needs to read the books Woke Racism, and Cynical Theories. The mistake being made in the framing and responding to these topics like pronouns as a cultural and/or social justice debate is a failure to understand that the motivation behind have little to do with care of LGBTQ rights. Those that have adopted Critical Theory-derived woke ideology have explicitly stated that their motivation is to attain political power. And the mechanism they use is quite simple. Leverage the human tendency to have empathy for the victim while they and other so called victims attack and destroy political opponents branded as oppressors of the victims.

There was a great Op Ed a few years back in the WSJ that called these people "crybullies".

Think about this. You are a conservative male trying to attend a speaking event being protested by these crybullies. They block your access. Most of them are female protestors. One of them pushes you, spits on you and swings her sign at your head. You duck and swing with your fist, connecting with her jaw, knocking her out and sending her to the ground.

Now just think about how this analogy makes you feel. From the right perspective, men are stronger and bigger, and they are supposed to protect women in society... not hit them. From the left perspective, this would confirm that an oppressive male just punched a victim female.

This is the victim shield from which the crybully cast her stones and shoot her arrows. She gains societal protection because of her gender (or other) identity, but yet is one of the meanest, nastiest and most violent of any.

I don't believe in nor support political violence at all. What I do support is complete 100% equality. If someone else, I don't care what identity, attempts to hit me, I will hit back in defense.

This belief in equality is inconvenient to the crybully's agenda. That is why they came up with "equity". Equity is an attempt to combat equal treatment and to continue to leverage the protection of the victim over everyone else. It works because we are moral people and we have a long-standing cultural twitch to recognize the hierarchy of strength and power over those with less.

But that is being used against us.

Critical Theory /woke is racist. Those that believe in it are demonstrating racism (as well as other bigoted views). Everyone should be considered equal. Everyone shouting absurdities like to demand pronouns, should be shouted down as being absurd, weird, ideologically-captured and likely mentally unwell. And to cap it off, told they are racist bigots having adopted the woke ideology. We need to shed our cultural aversion to treating people of certain groups as being more deserving of care or empathy related to their behavior. That is the wedge mechanism the wokeists are exploiting to destroy us. It should be 100% about behavior and everyone should be considered equal.

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I am compassionate toward those with disadvantages right up to the moment they make demands on me. Then my compassion evaporates.

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I agree, but it is even worse that that. If you look at the cohort of people pushing this woke ideology, they are generally white liberals from upper-class families. They are some of the most privileged people in the country... masquerading as disadvantaged.

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My name is Bob. I'm an elderly white person with a penis. My personal pronouns are Fuck, and You.

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Bob, you made my day!

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@i_w4nt_d1lfs_2_t0p_m3 makes a reasonable request to refer to moons as moonself. Xe just don't understand because xer doesn't understand ... *checks notes*..... "glitch-core"...?

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Another good article, Brad. Thousands of years of history tells us that this abstract "concept" of men and women has turned out pretty well. I think we can say with some level of confidence that none of these dolts forming the postmodern religion gestated in a "man with a uterus". We used to know that person as, Mom

And why take a simple word like "woman" and complicate it with, "driver's license holder who applies makeup at 30 mph over the speed limit, driving with one knee while talking on the phone". "Man" is nothing but a simple way of saying, "mouth and ear holding person, who flatly refuses to use either"

Ironically, the new faithers abhor traditional religions because the Jesus, Mary and Joseph story and the like, they say, lost touch with objective reality 2300 years ago. Yet, in just the last five years or so, "trans women are women" simply by wishing it. In the early 80's- my HS era- every guy in school would have wished it right around the time cheer squad finished practice. Those guys in "Porkies" drilled holes for the view. Now, just show up in high heels and earrings. And you're a hero

Come to think of it, maybe the guy who came up with the crazy idea deserves more credit than we're giving Xim. That's some strategic thinking there

Given how preposterous the whole thing is, it's hard not to look at it as one giant troll. Then you look at those clips and realize, these people are dead serious. Is it just a giant coincidence this shit all started after they replaced, "Emporor with No Clothes" with, "Anal sex for Dummies?" for 6th grade reading material? It really is the stupidest, most nihilistic endeavor ever shoved down our throats

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My pronouns:

AR / 15

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What has been confounding me for the last several months is the feminist acceptance of trans in sports. But I believe that the feminists are very willing to accept the collateral damage to women's sports, (which they probably detest anyway), in order to continue the emasculation of men. All trans does far more damage to the concept of manhood then womanhood. At one point or another almost all trans women appear to be silly and vapid. OTOH, women cannot be men, it just doesn't work, they don't have the bone structure and strength and (IMO) their innate feminine characteristics almost always show through. But women pretending to be men still diminishes manhood. That's the goal and if manhood can be diminished, they can create a nation of docile followers.

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Tim Urban's new book "What's Our Problem?" does such an amazing job of killing the Social Justice Fundamentalist narrative. https://joshketry.substack.com/p/must-read-new-book-whats-our-problem

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They can pack them pronouns where his/him sun don't shine.

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And then there is BDD - "body dysmorphic disorder"

Some sufferers believe that their limbs do not belong to them. People with this specific subtype of BDD may experience a sense of detachment or estrangement from their limbs, feel like their limbs are "foreign" or "alien," or have an intense desire to amputate or remove them.

So, to sum up, if your child feels that their arms are not theirs, schedule them for surgery right away! ;)

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None/No -- Don't talk about me!

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