I think of Trump as a flaming bag of shit hurled by downscale White America at upscale White America, most especially at the corrupt imperial bureaucrats of DC and the intellectual elitists of NYC.

But has there ever been a more effective flaming bag of shit in history? Instead of cleaning off their porches and getting the message (the natives are restless and just may hate you), our elite progressive oligarchy went full Vietnam and decided they would have to destroy this village called American democracy in order to save it.

Trump's greatest gift to America has been forcing our ruling elites to pull off the mask and reveal their true selves: thin-skinned petty tyrants who preen about Tolerance but refuse to tolerate anyone who doesn't recognize their inherent superiority, supposed defenders of Democracy who refuse to accept other people have different opinions, apostles of Love Wins! and Diversity who burn with hatred whenever contradicted and who believe Diversity means people with different skin tones but identical beliefs. Bascially the kind of people who get weepy and self-righteous watching a Netflix doc about the Red Scare and then go onto Twitter to help start an enemies list.

Trump's election was historic and consequential, but the hysterical reaction to it (the Resistance™ brought to you by the Fortune 500!) is what's ushered in our postdemocratic state.

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This is an excellent summary of the last few years- thank you. I wonder how long ago the elites/the deep state decided that ordinary people should be pounded into the ground. What was the turning point? It certainly wasn't Trump's running in 2016. After all "basket of deplorables" just tumbled out of Hillary's mouth as though this was longstanding dogma. Anyway, I personally do not expect to see another genuine, honest election in this country. I don't think we the deplorables can stomach the violence it would take to get our country back.

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Loved this and largely agree with everything.

"These hyper-educated morons believed big data was more important than public opinion and common sense."

Really loved this. "Hyper-educated morons" is a thoughtful and accurate label covering most of my friends on the left. Before Trump I would say "hyper-educated lovely morons" because they were all so generally harmless with their liberal progressive ideas (except that they tend to bankrupt communities they control... which wasn't really too big of a deal.) They are no longer lovely, but nasty, vile and frankly evil. They still bankrupt communities, but now they are all morally bankrupt too.

"Political parties that don’t believe they can win the old-fashioned way will seek to criminalize their adversaries, as criminality renders justifiable any subsequent acts of repression."

I view this as possibly more of the catalyst for the Democrats becoming the party of radicals rather than Trump mean Tweets. The old liberals were smart enough to see that their ideas were all failures, they were bankrupting the country and making life worse for everyone else except the laptop ruling class. They could see the voters starting to get it. So they invited in the radicals as a desperate move to prevent what would have been the slaughter of the Democrat party. Now those over-educated morons have just ingested the radical woke nonsense like it was always part of liberal progressive dogma.

"Complaints about the nature of Trump are just proxies for objections to the nature of his base, in my opinion."

The sad thing here is that rank and file Democrats hate the working class and so do establishment Republicans. Anti-Trumpers are snooty elites that hire plumbers and electricians to handle their home renovations, but really don't want to hang with them. I live in both worlds and find the Trump supporters to be, like Trump, verbally and linguistically challenged, but filled with abundant life wisdom and common sense that the average over-educated upper-class moron lacks.

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Americans are lucky. Your founders were prescient. Your second amendment is more important now than any time in history.

You’re not going to overthrow leviathan with your guns, but you will forestall their plans. And they have plans, plans that do not include you. But, because you are armed to the teeth, they fear you. This is great good fortune and at least for now, nothing less than you’re salvation.

So, our author correctly points out their hypocrisy and again correctly concludes that 2024 will be more of the same. They hold all the institutions and will use them ruthlessly to win. One might say they control the means of cultural production, so, they will press their prerogative - with your school aged kids.

Pop culture will continue to inundate us with trans fights and the other such drivel to obscure their pure power grab. The tools at their disposal, an enormous institutional heft will be brought to bear in their pursuit of power and in the name of democracy; democracy perverted to mean a hatred of us the people. The liberal speaks, an angry tones of compassion.

This is the result and one might say, output, of all their liberal education: hate.

Henry David Thoreau :

“ the civilized man is a more experienced and wiser savage.”

Power: Trump threatens their power by speaking to you and speaking of your interests.

They hate you. They would imprison you or kill you, but they’re afraid of you because you’re armed to the teeth. Luckily.

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I always thought Trump was used to make this country less and less democratic and more autocratic. Durham's report means nothing if no one is held accountable, and the democrats, the FBI and CIA have not been held accountable on any level. I always thought, and quite a few do, that the FBI was complicit and very instrumental in what happened on January 6, and the CIA we know was complicit in claiming Hunter's lap top was Russian disinformation, with the intent to alter the presidential election in favor of Biden. Now you have today, and the indictment. I use to be a registered democrat, but changed and became an independent, but I would never vote for a democrat again, because I do not trust them at all. What was really upsetting was the left, like an Amy Goodman who pushed Russia-gate and many on the left were just plain blinded by their own elitist hate. The very fact that Clinton could reference Trump's base as a bunch of deplorables, was also very undemocratic. Chris Hedges who proclaims loudly even when he comes to the defense of people the democrats are attacking that he has nothing in common with these people.

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Trump's sin was that he abandoned his assigned role and fought back.

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Thank you !!

Ep. 2 – Jun. 8 – Cling to your taboos !!


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The liberal speaks to us in angry tones of compassion.

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This might be the absolute best article I've ever read on this topic. Really well done Brad!

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..."as was revealed in a hack of her campaign manager’s emails".

No, no, no. It was not a hack, that is the DNC's lie around which Russiagate was and still is based. That was a leak from within the DNC, and which was passed to Wikileaks, as verified by Bill Binney and the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS). These small details are very important as they show where the weak points in the narrative are.

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Sadly, the news of today means that they are only giving us two choices. Back, the flaming pile of excrement, or submit. Most of us are against any kind of revolt because there is too much that is still good in this country and we are worried that we would be playing, at last in the short term, a negative sum game. But remember this, we are far past the warning zone and heading over the falls. The DEI & ESG folks are in control of corporate america. The dont care what happens to Bud-Lite and Target. The are diversified and will keep pushing this crap. Anyone who has kids or young adults knows what we are dealing with. we are the cusp of losing a generation with worse (trans bullshit) to follow. it is timefor action

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Computers, lying, stealing, falsifying, bribery all trump (pardon using that word as a verb) an honest election everytime.

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Trump is too emotionally unstable to run a food truck, let alone a country. I'd prefer a president who doesn't go on twitter rants because they can't control their anger.

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