This may be the greatest post in internet history.

I don't know if they still do those time capsule things anymore, where they bury various pieces of cultural ephemera in a box and then have our grandchildren's grandchildren dig it up, but if so, this needs to go in one as the perfect representation of 2020s America.

Now we all know that human stupidity is eternal and inescapable, and we'd be hypocrites to say we're never hypocrites, but my god, Twitter et al. has revealed and magnified both to a truly terrifying and unprecedented degree. I really don't think there's been a more destructive and malevolent invention since the atom bomb.

Look at all these lost virtual souls caught between the 2 urgent and constant commandments of the social media epoch: first, they have to perform their individuality, their unique special specialness, by showing us all how enlightened and compassionate they are; but then comes the second much more urgent demand: to always regurgitate tribal daily dogma, to always make sure you attack the other team (even for repeating something you said yesterday), because nothing matters more than signalling your status as an obedient soldier in the eternal cause.

I used to think of social media as a Circe that turns everyone on it into grunting swine, but it's even worse than that: it turns you into everything you claim to hate!

Is it possible to have a sane, civilized society and social media at the same time? Was Twitter one of the winged creatures that flew out of Pandora's Box?

Thanks, Brad!! (for pissin me off again ;))

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all thanks to you, that post still has my jaw on the floor

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Great collection of quotes - well done Brad.

And all these people vote - proving the point that "we get the government we deserve". Which is the only logical explanation I can come up with to explain why the West is committing economic suicide over an hysterical focus on eliminating fossil fuels in the name of climate change. But that's another topic...

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TDS Twitter is Tedious. I'm 61. hope to outlive TDS, but I'm not sure I can make it that long.

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I tried to pick one of the leftist morons I hate the most but they are all insufferable. You can't look at Reddit without seeing them constantly reposted by the mouth breathers that run the default subreddits now too

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I love your stuff. Thanks for doing this.

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In other news, it seems that our humble correspondent at The Racket got a home visit from the IRS the day he was testifying to congress to tell him his 2018 and 2021 returns were rejected. They aren't hiding anymore.

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I was going through the post looking for a theme until I realized that the lack of a theme WAS the theme.

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