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Sometime in the past decade our legacy media was faced with dying profits from the internet takeover of the world, but instead of trying to build a better product, anything from Substack-type forums to WSJ paywalls (and a product worth paying for), their strategy was to pump a constant stream of toxic hatred into our social bloodstream (most especially of the racial variety), and they successfully regained some profits and postponed their extinction by choosing manufactured rage & outrage and making us all hate each other for their benefit.

Sometime in the past decade various gay-rights and civil-rights orgs were faced with the problem of having won every battle, most especially for gay marriage, and thus they were left with the choice of declaring victory and going home, or finding (and funding) some new "great civil rights struggle of our time". This turned into Transgender Mania, what was formerly a rare psychological condition of mostly men (often overlapping w a sexual fetish), but is now suddenly a great cause that requires indoctrination of children in every school at every age, and encouraging children to mutilate themselves to find their "True Self™". But hey, those nonprofit jobs pay well, and what's a few thousand mutilated children when there are new worlds to conquer and more fundraising to do.

Then in 2016 our political class received a massive middle finger in the form of a reality TV host and famous blowhard shocking the world and defeating "the most qualified candidate in American history." Now, a healthy mature ruling class would have taken a good look in the mirror and asked: "Why does at least half the country despise us?" But this would have required introspection, maybe an apology or 2, and maybe some sort of economic restructuring that may have threatened their prime spots at the feeding trough.

So instead of mature introspection what we got instead was a tantrum for the ages, a full-spectrum propaganda push called "The Russians did it!" And once again, when a group in a position of power felt some threat, they decided they'd rather lie and demonize and pursue hateful vendettas in every direction rather than face reality and adjust.

Moral to the story: modern journalists, activists and politicians are enemies of the truth, enemies to human flourishing, enemies of society, enemies to anyone who refuses to accept their rule and obey. They would rather destroy America than let someone else rule it.

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I had never seen the Russian propaganda before. Thank you very much for including the examples. Telling masturbators to "beat it" cannot have rigged the election in Trumps favour.

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Perhaps the greater coup here was that by leveraging a complicit media apparatus the Russians managed to convince a ton of people that they were able to sway US elections, eroding confidence in any election result? If the goal isn't really to sway elections (parties and candidates spent Billions on that without moving the needle by a lot) but rather to subvert the US by ratcheting up polarization further and further? I think some activities by the Russian IRA bears this out as well with them creating groups and pages for both sides, trying to pit them against each other.

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Any leftist you talk to will still site this claim, no matter how many times it’s been debunked.

When the personal becomes political, religious beliefs are superimposed into current events.

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The Left keep the Right running in circles debunking the Left's lies as the Left constantly make up new ones.

Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek spent most of their long lives and substantial intellects trying to prove that socialism can't work to people who already knew that and were using socialism as a way to install totalitarianism.

When and how does it end?

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The Democrat-led uniparty deems 50% of Americans as unworthy Americans and has implemented massive well-coordinated propaganda against them... and this includes help from foreign entities connected to the WEG globalist agenda.

But the de minimis twaddle amateur election influence from Russia is the thing to get all wee weed up about?

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