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There were forty or more times Mr. Neeley could have been helped. The former marine who placed the man in a chokehold defended those on the train as well as himself. He is a hero. Mr. Neeley was failed by his family, friends, community and the state of New York.

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There used to be a safety net.

Not anymore.

AI will soon dejob many millions of people, including many, like lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects, photogs, the list goes on and on.

Will they be discarded too?

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Yes the petit bourgeoise will also be discarded. And all this fuss about about this guy's rap sheet. The NYPD will charge you for anything if you're young, black, homeless and/or mentally ill. Was he ever actually convicted of assault? Of anything substantial? Neely didn't even threaten violence against anyone in that train that day, much less strike or attempt to hurt anyone. He was giving an "aggressively loud speech" or IOW "disturbing the peace" and was then murdered by being placed in chokehold for something like 15 minutes from behind when he should have used a 'sleeper hold' if anything. This was improper technique by the ex-Marine, but it was murder nonetheless. Was it premeditated? Probably not.

The social safety net was gutted by the GOP with a little help later on from the Democrats. State and federal levels. Look who it is every time they want to short change the VA and you'll see what I mean.

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As someone who has applied a few *choke holds in his day, I can say that yes, either that oh-so-wonderful "MARINE!" was panicked and terrified, inept, or intent on killing.

*no one died

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They want to break the entire idea of self-defense.

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Just like Uncle Joe.

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the progressive crowd was 100% ok with him being “unhoused”, mentally ill and harassing and assaulting subway riders until he was killed by a white Marine.

only when it fits the “Narrative”

yer right, they are lusting for another Floyd incident.

it’s just sickening...

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The time has come for statues to be made and displayed that celebrate the courage and integrity of Bernie Goetz, Kyle Rittenhouse, and the two men who retired Jordan Neely.

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The wokesters are nothing more than a bunch of social justice warriors, trying to defend every single oppressed, misunderstood, marginalized ‘victim’ of society, in order to elevate their own social status. They see life through a victim lens, and while mentally ill people may very well have been victims of circumstance, it doesn’t negate the fact that the mentally ill can be a true menace to society. But in the current climate, ordinary folks are no longer allowed to protect themselves from the deranged lunatics because it’s ‘hateful’ and not inclusive or equitable.

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Great take.

I think, fundamentally, the political left misunderstands human nature. Violence and crime are not natural outcroppings of a society (even a healthy one at the best of times). No, no, no, these things are caused by lack of resources and poverty, you see.

It's hard to have a conversation with someone whose entire worldview and understanding of human nature is completely ass-backwards.

Also, I've gotten into the habit of listening to Rush Limbaugh shows from 20 or more years ago. There are times when listening to him that I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Rush saw the radical left, race baiters, America-hatred, you-name-it way ahead of his time. I still miss Rush.

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Progressives see lack of "resources" as the problem precisely because they see themselves getting a job at a gubmint funded "non profit" quango, "providing services" (i.e. sitting around doing nothing) to the under-resourced.

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They don't really have any idea of how value is generated in the economy, it's just a magical horn of plenty whose output can be redistributed at will.

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Even better than that. I remember reading in Thomas Sowell's memoir about when he worked for the Department of Treasury. He noted that a lot of the people he worked with were in favor for minimum wage laws, even when he provided statistics to prove that they didn't help the people they purported to help. Of course, if there are more minimum wage laws and other things of that nature, that would mean we would need more funding and staffing for the Department of Treasury, of course.

Very interesting.

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Mental illness in this country is poorly addressed on many levels and many mentally ill people wind up in jail, which seems to be our way of addressing this problem. Too many who suffer from mental illness also self medicate with drugs. Easy for someone like Sharpton and AOC to see the problem in a simplistic light, and blame the man who restrained him. Neely could have been on fentanyl which depresses the respiratory system, who knows. I have so little regard for people like Sharpton and AOC who present themselves as concerned citizens when a better description of them would be they are both extremely self serving. Personally I think the choke hold wasn't something that should have been implemented in this case, however I certainly don't hold the Marine responsible, or the others. Too many like AOC and Sharpton have expressed their heartfelt sympathies for Neely and made accusations that will grab attention, but I wonder how involved, or concerned they have ever been with the issue of mental illness. I'm sure the answer is never.

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I am a veteran

It will be a cold day in hell before I protect anyone else from any thing at all.

I have seen far too many of these bull 💩 rigged hate mongering aimed and deployed at good hearted innocent men and women only trying to do what good they can do in an impossible horrid often fatal situation often caused due to criminal activities by other people.

INVARIABLY there are endless hoards of hate mongering idiots foaming at the mouth to crucify the good guy for trying to save the innocents

And endless hoards of hate mongering idiots chanting lies defending thugs rapists child molesters robbers murderers career criminal thugs

The facts be damned no one cares

Race doesn’t matter at all as long as the guy trying to save the innocents appears pale faced? HE IS GUILTY

and the dark brown skin color of the criminal thug is all that is needed to allegedly prove the other guy is the Devil incarnate & deserves the death penalty - KENOSHA WI & Kyle Rittenhouse trial was my last straw.

SOME 💩 GOES DOWN? You are on your own. I will watch the thug murder all of you one by one and I will leave you all there to die while I save my own butt.


But all of you dumbphucs get exactly what y’all deserve

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Well stated and thank you for taking your time to study & expose, America's enemies within.

Most people forget about the possibilities of domestic enemies within, when for more than 100yrs most people have been driven by public academia & corporate media to pay attention only to social ill. Foisted upon youngling minds universally, to spread cultural violence spun to destabilize all global societies into accepting breach of peace, as forced irregular migration is sponsored by unelected oligarchies attempting to reset all walks of life subject to their Alien Intelligence (AI) created by Hidden Hands unfettered by moral conscience or such trivial empathy or grace to know why!

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when I was born NYC was the place to be. (Green Acres reference there). By the time I was 10 it was turning into a hellscape and remained that way until the 90's when it became the coolest place to be again. Do thes policies a secnd time and get the same results, it is not an accident. They want it this way. and sadly, the people who are staying are content with this.

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Not everyone there is content with it. NYC has the largest & most active Young Republicans club in the country, pushing back against the madness.

New York is our greatest city. We must not surrender it to the enemy.

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Isn't it amazing? So many problems start with government, in one form or another. He suffers tragedy as a teenager, commits offense after offense in a city run exclusively by our moral superiors, and receives zero assistance from the myriad government entities meant for that purpose. Yet the unaccountable, wretched system that blew 50 chances at setting him upon a better path never enters the discussion. No, it's whitey the marine's fault- the guy defending other passengers because, once again, the government can't be bothered to protect their own subways

Imagine a private entity running the transportation system. In addition to the marine, the press and left would rain holy hell down upon them. How dare you allow white supremesist vigilantes onto your train. Lawsuits, the evils of privatization, calls for government intervention- we'd hear it all

Well functioning organizations understand, when everyone's responsible, no one is. It's a primary reason for the break down of families. Cradle-to-grave promises encourage abrogating responsibility at an individual level. The, "we want your kids' crowd craves the power and authority it brings, but none of the responsibility

Our most pressing need nationally transcends the usual issues- border crisis, inflation, etc- all important no doubt. None of it will get fixed without bringing government to account. The beaurocrats, incapable of running a lemonade stand, running OUR government!, operate with impunity. The founder's enshrined the greatest deterrent- free speech, free press- as our first amendment. Brilliant, until the vaunted 4th estate joined forces with the ruling elite. From this perspective, it's easy to see why leftists no longer believe in it

Corporate media not only offers no solutions, they actively combat them. Corporate media must go down in spectacular fashion. It's beyond fixable. Tucker going to Twitter offers real promise. Mr. Greenwald got the ball rolling. But TC's a game changer. Today, the media ignored evidence of direct team Biden corruption from foreign adversaries. It's become trivial to compare corp mediaTrump Russia treatment with that of Joe Biden and family. "Double standard" descriptives seem trite compared to the outright, unflinching advocacy so prevalent today in MSM. There's hope. America's trust in the press has catered just at the right time, as alternatives build welcoming landing spots. Fingers crossed

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In answer to the question on the wall, Kathy Hochul.

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