It's much worse. In early January 2020 I learned that Taiwan had closed its borders. Taiwan is uniquely qualified to run clandestine operations in China. Then when Wuhan surfaced I knew it was a lab leak. I had last visited the subject of Wuhan in 2000, when it was known to be the Chinese center for biowarfare. Forget Pangolins, There had been multiple bat virus epidemics released by Wuhan in the years before- SARS, MERS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu. I used data from those outbreaks to develop a model of the shape of the data, then used it to do some rough predictions. I came with.35% IFR. I was pilloried.

It was never going to be a big thing. By March we knew the age cohort profile, which mandated we focus protection on the old and the fat and leave everybody else alone pending more information. Had we only done that, most of the damage would never have occurred.

We knew the basics from the Spanish Flu: Put people outside in sunlight which damages viruses and where a slight breeze can .dissipate a vapor cloud. Social distancing was fucked from day one. The six feet came from research a bacteriologist in Hamburg, Germany, had done in the 1890s. He photographed sneeze clouds extending two meters (6.6 feet). Compared to viruses, bacteria are enormous and heavy. Virus clouds go up to eight meters, or 26 feet, and can linger for hours indoors.

PPE was useless. Cloth masks did nothing, the N95 were only effective with proper social distancing. But face masks became our sign of bowing to the elite. So, we did the opposite, kept everyone indoors and the virus spread liike wildfire. Every day number of cases were reported, which is stupid. The only number that was important was ICU admissions.

Deaths were unremarkable. More people died from ccardiovascular disease. Except those deaths went up because we closed hundreds of rural and suburban hospitals and laid off medical professionals.

It allowed Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan to refuse to allow pharmacies to dispense hydroxychloroquine. My daughter has taken it daily for more than 25 years. The whole thing was fucked from day one.

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This sums up the madness beautifully. Thank you. I’m going to pass this around… to my doctor first and foremost. He argued with me, called me far right adjacent and rushed out of the room and I was merely expressing my own distress at how our public health was responding. I touched a nerve and I left wondering just how so many can view the same events, supposedly science based, so completely differently.

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