"among all the different groups surveyed, white liberals were the only one that expressed a preference for racial and ethnic communities other than their own."

Please someone tell me: Is this historically unprecedented? Has any other group or tribe in history preferred another tribe to their own?

Obviously, as Brad eloquently states, Social Justice is a fundamentalist form of White Saviorism, where Kipling's White Man's Burden goes from idea or policy into the realm of the sacred, where genuflecting before the marginalized (worshipping them because of their pain) becomes the duty of every good person, at every moment in every activity, sort of akin to saying Grace before meals.

When I look at my friends in the Blue Brooklyn Bubble who've converted en masse to the Social Justice religion and try to think of the causes I usually come up with: they have a desperate existential need to make sure they are seen as the opposite of their blood enemies, those evil bigoted conservatives; now that we all live inside the digital panopticon aka a glass house you need to appear as the best possible human at all times, and Soc Just is a handy symbol for this, akin to a crucifix; none of these beliefs are new, they are all basic beliefs of anyone who went to an upscale college, they've just been magnified by social media and social discord and gotten caught in a wicked purity spiral; and lastly, people crave sacred beliefs, there is no way to hold a community together without sacred beliefs (they are the greatest social glue ever invented) and in our secular age, people were craving some type of sacred belief system.

Social Justice also has a similar function to religion—legitimizing the power of the progressive oligarchy in the social order. Racism provides the white managerial class with moral authority, the right to rule over the less enlightened masses, who of course would reinstate Jim Crow or go full Hitler if our rulers weren't there to protect the sacred victims.

It is now our official state religion and I don't see it being dislodged anytime soon.

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Well stated as always, Brad. I love this quote in particular and can't decide whether to put it on a plaque or a T-shirt in which to walk around and trigger the wokies:

"The arc of history bends toward whatever white liberals are spazzing out about in any given week"

which is not only hilarious but points out the ephemeral nature of the activist class. Like yelling "squirrel!" their fleeting attention spans can't even remember what they were all worked up about just last week. Social media of course is the perfect tool to amplify and distribute the "cause of the hour" hysteria.

Unless we put a stop to this soon, we are truly fucked. I really feel sorry for the younger generations who lack the perspective of history and have been raised and indoctrinated into this dystopian hell as they will be the ones left to pick up the pieces when it all comes crashing down. And it will.

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"The arc of history bends toward whatever white liberals are spazzing out about in any given week"

LOL good one.

I used to work for a lawyer who was a leftist, but he honest to goodness actually believed that he was a "JFK-style liberal" (he also insinuated that I was racist when I said we should have stricter border enforcement, but called Clarence Thomas "worse than an Uncle Tom". Go figure).

What I think is also causing a lot of this current strife with the libs is that it's impossible to engage in serious dialogue with them. Most of the time, I've found it's because 1. people don't want to change their minds unless they want to, and they rarely want to and 2. all the underlying assumptions they have are predicated on falsehoods, i.e., crime is caused by poverty, police are overly-abusive, etc.

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I'm Australian. My son started med school studies down here in January. The first couple of weeks were devoted to Indigenous aboriginal cultural awareness, and related progressive matters. The long march through the institutions (academia, media, politics..) of cultural marxism would seem pretty much complete. This cultural awareness training is mandated by the woke university administration.

My son has friends commencing med studies at other uni’s around Australia, and they all report the same experience re cultural indoctrination.

To drive this point home, my eldest daughter started grad school studies in the USA last September, and a compulsory course in her first semester involved the study of White Privilege and Inherent Racism, with students required to examine who in their ancestry likely committed racist crimes, and hence the burden of guilt they should carry. There was disquiet and disagreement about the course among the students, but they just had to suck it up and suffer through it.

Brad, a query. I tripped up in your reference to ICE: "ICE must be abolished" What does ICE stand for? Excuse my ignorance.

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Mar 16, 2023Liked by Brad

I work with these people in London. It’s a US law firm and it’s infested with them. I’m 60 in December and I hate every minute there. If I was young I’d go now. No.

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White liberal karents love the DIEvy league https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-get-into-harvard-part-3

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Lilia Morris and Michael Byrd are just two black murderers that the MSM chooses to ignore (or champion). America now leads the world in perversion, racism, and just plain stupidity.

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There is no bigger racist than a woke white liberal. They believe blacks and minorities are too stupid to get a license, vote, or achieve anything via merit. They are self hating idiots that think ony through there benevolence can blacks and minorities make it. The only systematic racism in place was thought up by democrats via the great society. This was a white supremacist idea that destroyed and uprooted the black family, replacing real fathers with daddy governement. It was a master plan that worked in spades as legions of blacks are now beholden to governement, and are faithful democrat voters. I think it was Malcolm X that said that there is no greater devil than the white liberal or something close to that, and he was 100% right. These self hating racists are destroying society.

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Everyone needs to read "What's Our Problem? A Self Help Book for Societies" by Tim Urban

Nothing breaks down wokeness more elqouently than his new book, and shows the roots of how it is all happening and what can be done about it. Hands down, book of the year. Might be the most important book this decade.

Did a book report on it here: https://joshketry.substack.com/p/must-read-new-book-whats-our-problem

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Mar 31, 2023Liked by Brad

New subscriber, just read this post. Some really interesting facts and timelines here. I look forward to reading more of your work! Sadly, it also makes me understand why no amount of rational discussion will ever move my crazy white liberal sister-in-law.

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I see two main forces on this horizon of the West.

one is the NeoLiberal Globalists.

the other is the Neo-Marxist/Intersectionalists.

the Neoliberals seem to be using the second crowd as a wedge for power to gain support under the guise of Virtue. it’s hard to say how many are true believers.

but I can envision a future where the NeoMarxists come out on top and then we will be in a 21st Century version of the 20th century...

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