I agree with everything in the article, in part because I lived through it. The only thing with which I disagree is that it was costly. It has not yet been costly enough. Sure, CNN+ folded, but that's not enough. We need WaPo to pay out a significant sum to Kyle Rittenhouse, along with NYT and MSNBC.

Then we need defamation lawsuits by Mike Flynn against half the world. This list is long.

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Great analysis. Journalism has become an institution staffed by upper-class college educated liberals.

I think a good example would be the latest Substack in Common Sense written by Congressman Peter Meijer. After reading it, I thought he made baseless allegations against his political opponent and thought it was just at attempt to bolster his ratings against a Trump-endorsee. However, when I looked up Peter Meijer, there were a list of articles that reported his op-ed as if it were news.

I still haven't been able to find anything said by John Gibbs (the "far-right conspiracy theorist") that is either anti-Semitic or "fringe". Every news article I read either quoted Meijer's op-ed or from another news article.

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