I don't know if I have the words, or a sufficient supply of vomit emojis to express the hatred I've felt toward our betters ever since they decided that America was afflicted with a bad case of "white supremacy".

Suddenly, as if they were all injected with the world's wickest brain virus, everyone in any position of authority had to parrot Angela Davis and denounce every aspect of America, past present and future.

And whereas the week before you couldn't hold the hand of a loved one as they died in the hospital, now you were morally obligated to attend a "racial protest" aka the American left's religious ritual where white liberals weep and atone before they head out to their summer homes.

That corporate journalists and the academic priesthood suddenly declared "white supremacy as the real health crisis" is really a testament to groupthink and the lengths people will go to maintain status. And cmon let's be honest, white liberals ony love black pain so much because it makes them feel better, purer and more righteous than their blood enemies, the Deplorables aka the Real Racists.

The Covid catastrophe and the "everything is White supremacy" Big Lie (which has very little do w black people and everything to do w white liberals battering white conservatives with shame and guilt so they shut up and submit) marks the transition from a free mostly democratic society to a managed post-democracy where a lobotomized populace swipes right on OBEY.

I can usually find historical parallels to almost any modern situation, but I've never heard of a country before where entry to the elite class requires passionately denouncing that country, its history and its people.

We really seem to be living in some combo of 1984 and Brave New World, just stupider.

Thanks, Brad, for pissing me off! ;))

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"I can usually find historical parallels to almost any modern situation, but I've never heard of a country before where entry to the elite class requires passionately denouncing that country, its history and its people."

Good point. But of course this is just the globalist corporatist uniparty collective plan in action. Brexit and then Trump. The globalist project was unraveling. The only way to save it... break the system. This requires full coordinated investment in fomenting chaos and conflict. Launch a pandemic. Push narratives that deconstruct all that is stable and good. The collaboration with the radical cultural Marxists that had infiltrated the education system was just an opportunity to leverage. Those people will be cast aside when the collective takes power.

Just read what Soros and his ilk has said. The only thing the US is good for is as an ATM for the rest of the world. And only because of US imperialism and hegemony has the rest of the world so suffered.

"where entry to the elite class requires passionately denouncing that country, its history and its people." There is this during war. That is the point I have made and will continue to make. I think we are in the middle of WWIII.

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"this is just the globalist corporatist uniparty collective plan in action"

yes, for sure.

I would just say I think our moment most resembles Mao's Cultural Revolution: a ruling clique feels its grasp on power slipping, decides to unleash an army of aggrieved & ideologically inflamed children aka college kids on its political opponents, they destroy all they can see or touch in the name of a utopian "better world" (destruction of the 4 Olds: Old Ideas, Old Culture, Old Customs, and Old Habits), all regime opponents are routed, whole families destroyed by rumors of disloyalty and wrongthink, writers and thinkers forced to obey or be attacked, every cultural and educational institution turned into one-party propaganda that changes by the day.

The main difference is that our Mao is the global corporate state and our Red Guards are the commissars of the New Left aka the identitarians of academia.

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You didn’t know if you had the words or sufficient supply of emoji’s but you made a bloody good effort.

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all praise to brad

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We know the problems. Our systems are corrupted. It is time to organize and fix them.

Decentralize everything. Demand transparency. Turn the tyranny of the masses back onto the people corrupting our systems.

Also understand systems better and how important they are. If you tell us the kind of systems that govern over you, we can accurately predict your quality of life.

Embrace decentralized and transparent systems. Fear centralized ones. Know the difference: https://joshketry.substack.com/p/embrace-decentralized-systems-fear

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One of the reasons "science" is so easily perverted is because people have an idealised version of it they were taught at school which is almost 100% wrong. And this is never corrected when they study a science at university.

This is wrong:

"Science itself is a process of careful observation, record keeping, logical and mathematical reasoning, experimentation, and submitting conclusions to the scrutiny of others. It requires that we agree upon objective truths, and that we believe in our own capacity to explore the unknown to uncover those truths."

1) there is no one "science". That singular word is thus misleading;

2) there is no one kind of science

3) there are myriad sciences and they are all different

4) your description is what people think of as the "exact" sciences like physics and chemistry which prove theories to a high degree of reliability such that previously unknown events can be predicted

5) most sciences are not exact but probabilistic ["inexact" sciences]

6) even in physics there are branches which are inexact and even branches in which "exact" science reductionist experiments are impossible - astrophysics, space physics, astronomy, meteorology

7) reliable prediction is impossible in inexact sciences - at best only forecasts are possible and these have a limited prediction horizon beyond which the forecasts are rendered useless by their inaccuracy

8) most reliable human knowledge is not provided by sciences

9) reliable predictions are possible without scientific theories

10) there is no all-embracing "The scientific method"

11) "The scientific method" is a misleading term

12) it very limited to some aspects of the exact sciences in which reductionist experiments are possible - of the kind testing A against B and measuring the result.

13) there are many different methods in the sciences

14) there are exact sciences where reductionist experiments are possible observing strict regularity of outcome [to within a margin of error attributable to randomness]

15) there are inexact sciences like biology and psychology where experimental outcomes are probabilistic with outcome x occurring some of the time but outcome y other times - where theories are falsified by any one outcome not complying with the theory

16) there are inexact sciences where experiments are not possible at all and rely on making many observations to draw inferences

It is all a very mixed bag.

And then we have observational knowledge not based on any science but just on what we see happens all the time with regularity like rain falling down and not up [usually] and grass growing etc.

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It seems that science is just one of the institutions that Leftists have taken control of in their "Long March". And it also seems that Leftist-controlled science is not new, although it is getting worse. It was called "scientism", but maybe "The Science" is better.

Maybe a better question is what are rational people (i.e. non-Leftists) going to do about this? I cannot think of a single big institution in the U.S. that is not controlled by Leftists. Can you? What is the Leftists endgame? Maybe that is a hypothetical question though, if there's nothing we can do to prevent it. Surely no serious person that voting for Republicans will stem the tide.

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I agree. The Left controls every major institution there is, or at least the ones that really matter: the media, academia, Hollywood, and Big Tech (in my opinion). I think they want a cultural revolution that'll lay the groundwork for a long-term left-wing hegemony.

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"a long-term left-wing hegemony"

By that do you mean:

-communist totalitarianism

-oligarchic kleptocracy

-batshit anarchy

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Pretty much.

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Leftist politics- everything- require only using a centralized force to take from one to give to another, always sold as egalitarian. Of course, only the powerful benefit, as only they gain access. Government intervention in anything screws the least among us, every single time, yet somehow overwhelmingly appeals to the " truth to power" tribals. Only Republicans (big R) could turn an outright moral concession into an eternal Animal House hazing episode. "Thank you sir! May I have another?"

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Please differentiate between medical bureaucrats and medical practitioners. Medical bureaucrats largely work in the area of public health; medical practitioners treat patients. Bureaucrats' primary mission is to prove themselves right and expand their power. Practitioners want to help people lead long, healthy lives. Fauci et al are bureaucrats; your primary care physician is a practitioner. Practitioners do not have time to read every article on every topic. I subscribe to the New England Journal of Medicine and try to stay current on psychiatry. Otherwise, I read summaries. Many will swear by the CDC, the FDA or the NIH. I swear at them as soon as I discover they're hiding something.

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Changing practicioners to bureaucrats now.

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I know we need to have people making these points, but it seems to me that we have devolved beyond arguing the other view as THAT side has clearly dropped all indication of caring about the argument.

In the art of persuasion what do you do if a controlling percentage of the constituents just want to win control over you at all costs.

I am going to use a potentially triggering metaphor.

My brother and sister in-law have this new dog... a labradoodle. It is big and out of control. When visiting it jumps up on people. It nips and irritates people to get attention. My brother and sister in law "talk to it" to get it to pay attention and change its behavior. "Rider, stop jumping" "Rider, stop biting" "Rider, stop barking" "Rider, you are a bad boy"

Rider does not listen. Rider does not care. Rider is an out of control terrorist of people that craves attention and that is all he is focused on.

What Rider needs is a choke collar and a firm arm to stop him from misbehaving. And maybe a reward system for when he does behave.

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Or, better owners (no offense). Think about it.

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"One of these mother***ing white boys didn’t know where he was going and broke my f***ing window in my truck"

I'm suddenly a fan of JR . Just don't ride in a vehicle he's driving ...

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The sequence of events sound like a joke and made up but unfortunately it is real, I remember the protests and Gretchen Nightmare joining with thousands of people all together packed like sardines, all the while closing business, not allowing people to buy seeds and plants, and people losing their jobs because of mandates. She is a hypocritical Nightmare

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the BLM. incident was the first indication that something was deeply wrong during Covid.

it’s crystal clear now that, despite all the talk about

The Science, it was just a smokescreen for the real motivation which was...”we are the educated, we are scientists, we are the elite. we known better than U rubes about how to run the world, so listen up! it’s for yer own good!”

basically, whatever we say is right, is right.

the rest is just details.

...oh sorry, I meant The Science...

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If you liked my explanation about science and want to know more the whole thing is explained in this journal paper:

Medicine is not science


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