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The first analogy that comes to mind for me, when contemplating what "White supremacy" means for the true believers in Social Justice, is John Calvin's Geneva and the concepts of sin and the ubiquity of Satan.

And I think the commonality here is the attempt to install a rigid and punitive belief system deep into the brains of people, to let them know God/The State is always watching and judging, and that any dissent or deviation is not just a mistake but a stain and moral crime.

In this case I've also become something of a monomaniac because everything now seems rooted in the unprecedented post-2016 5-alarm freakout and the subseqent marriage of the global corporate state and the Race/Gender commissars of the New Left.

For our new Church/State ruling coalition the "Everything is White Supremacy" narrative serves multiple purposes: to vilify the 4 Olds (Old Ideas, Old Culture, Old Customs, and Old Habits); to make all of American history and the traditional American population (aka white people) reek of shit and seem like a single uninterrupted hate crime; to make any institution, practice or tradition rooted earlier than the 21st century seem benighted and barbaric; to make the Good Whites (the NYT/NPR/PBS people) feel smarter and purer than the Bad Whites (because they obviously love black people more); but really to paint all white conservatives as evil bigots and thus gradually snuff out their presence in our culture and politics.

Or one last analogy: the globalist class desperately needs any and every nationalist dead (and by nationalist this means anyone who believes in the idea of the nation-state being responsive to its citizens and to the national interest instead of to the whims of global capital) and so they've hired the New Left as their hitmen. And the New Left is more than happy to batter Americans with any and every type of bigotry accusation until the population is cowed into self-hatred and submission (it's why they've turned our culture into an endless Struggle Session).

Sadly the plan seems to be working pretty well so far...

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The plan is definitely working.

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well, the New Left has been working decades to hone their superweapon, the Bigotry Accusation, which was a new product roll-out in their Permanent Revolution™ aka the plan to delegitimize liberal democracy and sentence it to death so they can at last usher in the utopian reign of their vanguard of philosopher-kings.

And it has been an amazingly successful (perhaps unprecedented) project of cultural conditioning, to the point now where what most people know about Jefferson or Washington is that they were slaveholders, that Columbus and the Pilgrims committed genocide, that every aspect of our culture is evil and illegitimate, and perhaps most pernicious of all: that the most important fact about a work of art or writing is the racial/sexual identity of the artist or writer.

Never doubt what a committed band of fundamentalist fanatics can achieve over decades! (especially once they get corporate backing)

(And also thanks, Brad, for letting me blab on here in your space. Is much appreciated.)

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Your comments are always welcome, always so insightful!

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It's the Zionist (control the right) and Communist jews (control the left) led by Chabad Lubavitch and the Federal Reserve, and most are terrified to name them with their total banking and media control.

"You will own nothing, and you will be happy" origin - https://files.catbox.moe/fn7i24.jpg You can find that 1800's quote later published in this Paris journal - https://archive.md/OHKP8)

"We love persecution, it justifies offense" - https://files.catbox.moe/qaz3op.png

All wars are banker wars against Whites and Christians - https://files.catbox.moe/9l5qa6.jpg

I'm a Christian with autism and frankly, I'm ready to go home to be with Jesus. I pray for all to be saved, but Martin Luther was right in that last book that was censored (said they were hijacking medical systems and poisoning us with needles), they have done it once again, and most probably won't figure out what's happened until Judgment Day - https://files.catbox.moe/xcvxxd.jpg

I still pray for all to be saved, but I must speak the truth like An0maly has, another Christian who isn't saying these things out of hatred, we tried to warn our people, the Zionist Talmudists have a plan of exterminating Whites saying we are Amalek - https://files.catbox.moe/3d71du.jpg

Amalek - https://files.catbox.moe/mt71ca.jpg

Their Messiah won't come until we are wiped out in the US and Europe - https://files.catbox.moe/8cpt36.png

They even lied about slavery to rile up blacks against us:




I pray James 1:5 wisdom as often as I can remember over this world, especially over the Western church who has been misled by these people through Rothschild-funded Dispensationalism to push the idea we have to throw it all away for wars for the political secular state of Israel (and now Ukraine).

It's not the globalists, or communists, democrats, or Biden, it's the Revelation 3:9 Synagogue of Satan using the Amos 5:26/Acts 7:43 hexagram of Saturn/Moloch and many are walking off a cliff and we tried so hard to warn, but it's like most are under a spell in the West.

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"... the dubious claim that American police forces were created to enforce chattel slavery...."

Let me get this straight. If there had been no slavery in the South, there would be no police in the U.S. now?

Well, it might be true that, yes, we would need a lot fewer.

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yep. White Supremacy has gone from being an ideology embraced by racist skinheads and militias in the woods of the Pacific Northwest to being a Metaphysical force that can influence entire populations like the Christian version of The Holy Spirit.

it’s actually pretty damn clever...

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Maybe there’s other models, for a better society, since America is so horrible.

Maybe place where Whites never colonized, like Ethiopia.

Maybe a place where ex-slaves were repatriated home, like Liberia.

Maybe a place where Whites had their farmlands seized and given to non-Whites, like Zimbabwe.

Or how about a place where the Whites were all murdered, like Haiti.

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It’s ridiculous and completely out of hand. You’re right in saying it’s a fetish of the left!

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I wish this obsession was only an American problem, it's becoming more common to blame all and sundry on white supremacy here in Australia too!

Love your work Brad

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Spot on, man.

Thomas Sowell points this out in several of his books (I remember it specifically in "Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality", written in 1984 but just as relevant today). He notices that any statistical disparity is automatically assumed to be due to racial "discrimination". Flash forward a couple generations and now, no matter what, the underlying cause of every black person killed is because of white supremacy. Amazing.

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I met a white supremacist once. And only once. We were moving to Dayton, Ohio, and put in an offer on a house to buy. It really was quite nice, although older, and the neighborhood was attractive. We were welcomed to the neighborhood by the man who would be our neighbor directly across the street, with the phrase, "At least you're white." We immediately called our realtor and told her to withdraw our offer, surrender the deposit and we'd be back in a week to resume the house hunting.

As is the case so many times, our criteria for choosing a home were single story, small yard, minimal maintenance. We wound up buying a two-story four-bedroom home with the largest yard in the neighborhood. But our neighbors were a delightful mix of white, black, unknown, Indian, Hispanic, East Asian and probably Martians.

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So this post is like everything I've been saying in my head except worded better and with citations, like some kind of AI magic! You nail it on every front, except I do think there is something to internalized self hate so that members of an oppressed group can be vicious enforcers of their own subordination. Minor point. On all else about the sin of white supremacy that lurks in every American soul and the hypocrisy of the MSM regarding CRT in schools, my lived experience and I could not agree more. As a teacher in a super blue state, I've had (cautious) conversations with Equity committee members who not only repeat the old saw about how only white people can be racist, but they insist that it's a fact along with the rest of so-called anti racist orthodoxy. I pushed back stammering something about social science theories versus hard sciences, but they insisted that Kendi and friends are the last word in truth. These are white history teachers teaching white rural kids who they look down on as rednecks. At least granddaddy of social justice Paolo Freire would have asked the kids about their own problems (addiction, underemployment, broken homes) instead of preaching to them about their complicity in mysterious "systemic racism," a catch all term implying the civil rights acts never happened. I could go on but you are so right, we're being sold a bill of goods, and the end game is so obviously wealth and land redistribution Hugo Chavez himself might as well be bellowing loan forgiveness, reparations and land acknowledgments from the podium.

Thank you for this eloquent and insightful post and keep up the good fight! So many have died for our Constitution, it's worth the effort. As you said, "The promise of America lies in escaping the narrow prisms of race and identity, not being permanently trapped by them." Amen!

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I have said this before in other ways so forgive me for being repetitive but as CP notes there are the Good Whites and the Bad Whites. So it's obvious this is not about race or even "whiteness", whatever the F that is. It's about class. The Good Whites are the highly educated elite. the Bad Whites are the proletariat and the bourgeoise. The Prols are despised because they betrayed the revolution and the bourgeoise remain the natural enemies of the revolution. And today the bourgeoise/whites aer even more despised by the elites because that is what the elites would be if they had not gotten into Princeton.

The real problem is that quite of few of the bourgeoise, or more accurately, their children, have bought into this bullshit and think they can erase their whiteness. Good luck with that. I predict whatever happens, I will manage. It won't end well for them.

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I'm Caucasian :-)

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