My feeling is that the Social Justice religion has become a sort of fundamentalist form of Victim worship, or more specifically in how teachers found themselves pushing gay porn on children while at the same time being absolutely incapable of debating or justifying it, but instead trying to silence or cancel any dissenters (which I think hints at how these beliefs/practices are more social and emotional than rational): in the Soc Just religion anything that can conceivably be presented as improving the self-esteem of a Protected Victim class comes automatically coded as sacrosanct and the only poss response is worshipful assent.

I think this also explains why Soc Just/white liberals no longer have any vocabulary or ability to say NO to any of their protected victims, and also explains everything from sex ed and sex changes for small children, ending bail and opening jails, and ending tests like the SAT so schools are more "Diverse" aka less white. Turning yesterday's victim into today's hero has become the paramount value—replacing scholarship, skill, talent, tradition etc—of more or less the entire Anglosphere.

The New Left has built themselves an Egalitarian steamroller with no brakes and no off-switch, and in the realm of sex ed this means that if one child is sexually confused (or just gay) fairness dictates that all children be sexually confused.

The Egalitarian steamroller only levels down and flattens all in its path, and I still believe the best description of modern culture and mass man is Nietzsche's Last Man, except in this case it's the Last They/Them, and Leftist utopia becomes a healing circle where we all discuss our feelings and genitals (and feelings about our genitals) until the sun goes down and we curl up with tonight's chosen catamite for a long, romantic struggle session.

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I lived in Muslim cultures for about three years in the 90s and spent significant time in the Dearborn area thereafter. I learned Arabic and studied the Koran. Had the school board members bothered reading about their students' religion, they would never have done this. At least those not suicidal.

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Good article, Brad. I'm not brushed up on my intersectionality. Who wins in Muslim versus Alphabet? I'm thinking Proggies are not allowed to call Muslims "Alt Neo Extreme Right Wing Racist Nazi White Supremacists." And I doubt a majority of "Black and Brown Bodies" will support this crap, either. Your link to the Detroit Free Press is paywalled (not very "Free" press), so I'm not sure what they had to add, but let's hope the current board is voted out at the next opportunity, just like in San Francisco. Certainly, this incident should help with "get out the vote".

OT - but related:


I don't get it. People who want enforced child neutering are already going to vote Democrat. Who is Biden trying to score points with? Because it's not those Dearborn Muslims, or immigrants from points south of the border.

BTW, is it my imagination, or are school boards comprised primarily of old fat cat ladies?

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Oct 25, 2022Liked by Brad

All of these school boards are just unbelievable to me. What is going on with our Country? We have got to get back to our morals and family values! Good article Brad. Had no idea this was going on in Michigan also.

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