"$7.5 million to better understand the 'domestic radicalization phenomenon'.”

I'll explain it for free: The cause of domestic radicalization is things like $7.5 million transferred from productive American taxpayers to to leftist frauds by our unaccountable rulers for things like understanding of the 'domestic radicalization phenomenon'.

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You beat me to it! 😂 I came to drop a toungue-in-cheek comment that American radicals (and all of us co-radicals worldwide) ought to be insulted that so little has been assigned! 😏 The people who haven't cottoned on by now are, after all, going to need all the help they can get....

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A lot of money going to LBGTGDJHFDFF stuff. I feel sorry for you guys.

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Ah, yes, vote trading. These people understand nothing about this country and its citizenry. I recall fondly the exchange between now-Chief Justice Roberts and Senator Leahy of Vermont during his nomination hearings. Leahy asked Roberts a question, then rose to leave the room. Leahy concluded his question with a statement that he didn't need an answer. Roberts said he wanted to answer anyway.

He told Leahy the difference between the legislative and judicial branches was defined by vote trading. It was a legitimate tool for use in the legislature, but in the judiciary every case had to be decided on its own merits. That is so fundamental to understanding the intent of the Founding Fathers that it simply shows that idiots such as Leahy, Biden and McConnell should be ashamed to show up for work.

Come to think of it, that would explain a lot about Biden.

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What do these people fear most?

1) transparency

2) decentralization

3) human collaboration targeting fixing corruption of the systems that govern our lives.

So why aren’t we doing these better?

Like this:


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