This post is harming the marginalized, I'm reporting you to Taylor Lorenz.

If we can't indocrinate you and your children with our sacred beliefs and enforce your compliance, the Nazis have won and the ice caps will melt!

Think of the planet! Think of the children!

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Oct 28, 2022Liked by Brad

Elon Musk might be the antichrist... who knows at this point. But I do know it was fun watching the progressive meltdown and the return to Twitter of the banned and banished!

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I don't use Twitter. By the time it came on the scene I was overwhelmed with grief for the loss of hand-written communication. I had even hand-written my first novel, which I shredded on September 12, 2021. I had shown it to a few friends from my days on the NSC staff, and they assured me it was too far-fetched. It closely resembled the 9/11 events.

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