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Regarding your comments on truth; not so long ago, both left and right would have at least paid lip service to the concept.

But now (link taken from M.Taibbi's review of 'What is a Woman?'): we have this monstrosity:



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This is not a novel phenomenon. The Democratic Party earned a reputation as liberal during Franklin Roosevelt's terms of office. One of his policies was adamant opposition to public-service unions, fearing that it would create a permanent conflict of interest. He was correct. In every state, red or blue, the state capitol is always deep blue. Chris Christy was correct in identifying the problem. The government pretends to negotiate with the unions, who extract concessions and ever-greater benefits and in turn see the unions fund their political campaigns

This came to light nationally in the case of Bell, California, where it was found that Democrats in power were blatantly trading higher taxes for added city union benefits. People went to jail. Just not enough of them. But the problem existed before that.

I had subscribed to the Washington Post since I could afford to do so. I occasionally bought a copy of the NYT as well. I protested against Governor Agnew in 1967 as a racist, based solely on his party membership. I was still a knee jerk Democrat then, and didn't change that until much later. Agnew was a grifter, not a racist. But I was young and fancied myself a liberal, which meant I was a Democrat.

My first vote for President was cast for McGovern. I was a politics junkie and proud of it. During the 1980 election cycle I got my comeuppance. I lived in Latin America and subscribed to Time Magazine. I read of ABSCAM, in which many Congresspersons and local/state officials were arrested on charges of accepting bribes to betray the country. The total arrested was in the upper thirties. The party affiliation of only one was mentioned, a Republican. I assumed all the rest were Republicans, too, the racist scum.

On return to the US, I learned the truth. Every one of the thirty-plus was a Democrat, except for the fellow named. I was shocked to the core, and in 1984 voted for Reagan's re-election. Since then I have voted based on the candidate's decision-making process. The crucial events of a presidency can never be known at the time of the election. All we can rely on is a principled decision-making process. Which is why I simultaneously supported Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul. I've voted D, R and I since then.

I suggest the January 6 hearings be moved to Zip Code 01970.

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